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Steelers fan rooting guide Week 13: Who Steelers fans should root for in other games this weekend

Steeler fans know who to root against week in and week out. They usually know to root against Baltimore, Cincy and New England. But sometimes, you have to look at the bigger picture—the playoff picture. 

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all aware of the significance of seeding and it’s tough sometimes knowing who to cheer for in non-Steeler tilts. The away game against the Bengals isn't the only contest that matters to Steelers Nation. Here’s a guide to other significant matchups and whose losses would benefit the Steelers more this weekend.

If the season ended today, the Steelers would have the top seed in the AFC. Here are the current AFC playoff standings.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-2 (Would win AFC North and get a First Round Bye)
  2. New England Patriots 9-2 (Would win AFC East and get a First Round Bye)
  3. Tennessee Titans 7-4 (Would win AFC South and host Wild Card Baltimore)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs 6-5 (Would win AFC West and host Wild Card Jacksonville)
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars 7-4 (Would earn Wild Card and travel to Kansas City)
  6. Baltimore Ravens 6-5 (Would earn Wild Card and travel to Tennessee)
  7. Buffalo Bills 6-5
  8. Cincinnati Bengals 5-6
  9. Los Angeles Chargers 5-6
  10. Oakland Raiders 5-6
  11. New York Jets 4-7
  12. Miami Dolphins 4-7
  13. Houston Texans 4-7
  14. Indianapolis Colts 3-8
  15. Denver Broncos 3-8
  16. Cleveland Browns 0-11 (Eliminated)

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills - 1:00 PM

Who to root for: The Pats are on fire again. Pittsburgh wins the tiebreaker right now, but that head-to-head could change everything. The Bills are fighting the Ravens for the WC and a win would be paramount in a few ways, but mostly for distance sake.

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets - Sun 1:00 PM

Who to root for: This game doesn't really matter too much at this point to the Steelers. In fact, keeping the Chiefs in the playoffs is a good thing now, especially with KC playing well against New England versus their struggles against Pittsburgh.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans - Sun 1:00 PM

Who to root for: Tennessee is less dangerous to the Steelers than Jacksonville.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sun 1:00 PM

Who to root for: Once again, the Steelers’ Week-5 loss to the 7-4 Jags looms large. It gives them a head-to-head tiebreaker against Pittsburgh. Jacksonville's loss on Sunday to Arizona provided some breathing room, but more is needed. Colts.

Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens - Sun 1:00 PM

Who to root for: The Ravens are currently the sixth seed and they’re competing to cement the Wild Card and they are the Ravens. The Ravens do generally handle the Pats well, but still might not face them in the tourney. The Lions have the firepower and the defense to win this one, but the Ravens are riding a good wave.

Other Week-12 contests featuring an AFC foe:

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins (Sun 1:00 PM)
Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers (Sun 4:05 PM)
New York Giants at Oakland Raiders, (Sun 4:25 PM)