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With NFL head coaching vacancies looming, Mike Munchak could be fielding phone calls

The tremendous Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach could be an option for an NFL team trying to fill a head coaching vacancy.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With just four games left in the NFL regular season, you can start to hear the faint sound of the bell tolling for several NFL head coaches. With Ben McAdoo already out as the head coach of the New York Giants, you have to wonder who will be next.

Marvin Lewis?

Andy Reid?

Chuck Pagano?

Hue Jackson?

The list could go on, but on average there are about 7 head coaches every year who find themselves without work, and these vacancies need to be filled. For some openings, NFL organizations will completely clean house, often hiring a new General Manager and head coach who will bring in an entirely new staff. On other occasions they look for someone to promote from within, trying to keep some level of normalcy for the team.

The list of potential coaches who could be fielding phone calls after the regular season is over is long, but one name which could, and probably should, be on the list is Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach, Mike Munchak.

Munchak has everything an owner would want in a head coach. He was a Hall of Fame player, has head coaching experience, is loyal to a franchise and has done a tremendous job turning the Steelers’ offensive line into one of the best units in all of football.

Someone tell me why Munchak shouldn’t be getting some interviews? The only reason I can fathom for him not being considered for some of these potential openings would be if he simply doesn’t want to be a head coach anymore.

There was a time when Todd Haley was considered to be one of the coaches on the Steelers’ current staff would could get another shot at being a head coach, but Munchak’s success as a player, head coach and position coach would make him the most logical choice for an NFL team looking for someone with experience in all phases.

Now, Steelers fans would not want to see “Magic” Mike Munchak leave, but if you were to pick one coach on the current staff to get a head coaching gig, Munchak would make the most sense.