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Steelers Mount Rushmore: Steelers GM/Personnel Decision Makers

Who’s the four best personell men in Steeler history. BTSC wants you to tell us.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just like Freaks and Geeks, It’s Your Move, Life on Mars and Police Squad are among the best one-and-done network television series of all time, BTSC likes to compile the greatest foursomes in Steelers lore. This time around, we talk about the king-makers, the guys that decide who make up your Pittsburgh football franchise.

With the NFL knee-deep in the free agency period, and with the entry draft right around the bend, decisions made now could secure championships and legacies or cost a person their job. It’s still debatable who ultimately makes the decisions currently in Pittsburgh. The logical answer is the GM Kevin Colbert, but how much input does Mike Tomlin or the family Rooney have?

The bottom line is whoever you think is the best personnel guy in Steeler history, put it in the comments. Could it be a former head coach, owner, scout or the father of a current assistant? It is your call.