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Saturday BTSC Six-Pack of Pittsburgh Steelers questions

Time to get back to our roots here at BTSC, but with a twist.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t think I haven’t heard the grumbling from the BTSC faithful over the past few years. One of the biggest complaints was the lack of community based articles and threads which engage in great debate and discussion.

It used to be the Friday Night 5 questions, but in my opinion that feature had run its course. There are some times you have to take he old feature out, tie it to the tree and put it out of its misery. While that might sound harsh, it was true.

Without getting into details of the Friday Night 5’s demise, mainly it being the end of a work week and struggling to think of questions, I heard your requests and decided to really honor those dedicated to BTSC. There are many who are avid readers and commenters Monday thru Friday, but those weekend warriors are the true die hard fans. Still checking, reading and giving their two cents on everything black and gold.

Welcome to the Saturday Night Six Pack!

Here are the ground rules:

1. At least 3 of the questions will be about the Steelers, 2 will be about another sport going on right now and 1 will be a question regarding the website.

2. Keep it respectful. It is actually okay to disagree. After all, none of us have any barring on the decisions of the Steelers actual decisions and moves.

3. Enjoy!

Pretty simple, right? Enough to the questions:

1. Who is your ‘dark horse’ first round draft pick for the Steelers? The player NO ONE is expecting them to take?

2. Does the college of a prospect really matter? Is Carl Lawson a better prospect because he comes from a SEC school, compared to Derek Rivers coming from Youngstown State? Please elaborate.

3. Which player will have the biggest impact on the 2017 season? Eli Rogers, Vince Williams, Artie Burns or Sean Davis?

4. The Pittsburgh Pirates got their season off to a dud in Boston, but came back to the ‘burgh and claimed their first win. Give me your win guess for the Battlin’ Buccos this season.

5. Easy one. NBA or NHL Playoffs?

6. BTSC is considering branching out into different platforms. What would you like to see added to the site/brand?