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Who would be next in line to have their Pittsburgh Steelers number retired?

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t retire numbers often, but who would be next up if/when the team decides to retire some more digits?

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Ernie Stautner - No. 70

“Mean” Joe Greene - No. 75

That’s it when it comes to Pittsburgh Steelers retired jersey numbers. Unlike other teams who have a “Ring of Honor”, or retire numbers seemingly every season, the Steelers aren’t that type of organization.

With “Mean Joe”, and his iconic No. 75, forever immortalized in Steelers lore, it begs the question who should be the next player, if the team feels they should retire another number, to see their jersey number never worn again.

There are several jersey numbers which aren’t officially retired, but simply don’t get distributed.

Terry Bradshaw’s No. 12
Jack Lambert’s No. 58
Jack Ham’s No. 59
Franco Harris’ No. 32

Just to name a few. But there are jersey numbers like Lynn Swann’s No. 88 and John Stallworth’s No. 82 which are seen almost every season.

Obviously, there are so many numbers to be given to players, and in the preseason, when the offseason roster totals 90 players, there are always numbers who are worn by two different players, one on offense and one on defense.

With that said, if you were to pick ONE player who should be the next in line to have their number retired, who would it be? Does where they end their career matter? For instance, Franco Harris retired a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

Let us know who you think should be the next in line to immortalized in the comment section below!