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Rate Your Steelers Hate, Part One: The AFC East

In nine parts, BTSC asks your help to see who Steeler Nation dislikes the most in each division and conference. We start with the AFC East.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

Steeler Nation is a passionate fan base. They love their boys in black and gold. They love the legacy. They love past, present and future. They love their team.

But as much passion as they have for the men that don a single circle of hypocycloids on their helmet, they are full of hate for certain opponents. They abhor purple-clad misfits from Maryland. They despise the Ohio criminals from Cell Block-naughty, chowderheads from up north, broke back cowpokes from the Lone Star State and if it's brown they prefer to flush it down.

But who do Steelers fans hate the most? We all have teams that we don't like for different reasons. There's the obvious ones. There are rivalries from the 70s that still grate on certain fans. I'm looking your way Oakland and Miami. But then there are teams you wouldn't expect. I have a friend that detests Jacksonville from the late 90s.

In nine segments, BTSC will have you (Steeler fan) rate the team's from each division that you loathe with the white-got intensity of 1,000 suns. We will do it division by division by poll. The top vote-getter from each division will make the final poll. But there is one exception. The top two from the AFC North will be included in the final vote.

This will allow us to crown the ultimate band of villains for the Steelers for their division, the rest of the conference and the NFC. This may seem like an exercise in futility, but the results may surprise us.

To kick it off, we will start with the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills don't seem like a threat to Pittsburgh now, but they were a dynasty-of-sorts in the AFC in the 1990s. Behind Jim Kelly and company, the Bills went to four straight Super Bowls in the early part of that decade. They lost them all, but it still remains a remarkable feat. Back then, the Bills owned Pittsburgh for a stretch by winning five straight from 1988-1993. The most infamous of those losses was the 24-3 playoff loss in Bill Cowher’s postseason debut following the ‘92 season. The Steelers have won the last six straight and haven't lost to Buffalo since 1999. Pittsburgh leads the all-time series 16-9.

Miami Dolphins

The Steelers and Phins have history dating back to the 70s when both teams combined for seven Super Bowl appearances and six rings that decade. The Steelers lead the series 14-13. But Miami has thwarted Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl dreams twice, after 1972 and 1984. In the 80s, Dan Marino and his Miami mates cracked the Steelers for five straight losses. The rivalry has not been as strong recently, but two meetings in 2016 and the maniacal behavior of Ndamukong Suh towards Ben could move the needle towards the orange and aqua.

New England Patriots

I'm assuming that this team will be the favorites to be the least favorite of yinzers. In fact, a lot of fan bases. In the Hoodie/Brady era, the Steelers are 3-10 and 0-3 in the postseason. There has been “Spygate” that may have kept the Steelers from the Super Bowl after 2001 and 2005 and fans have witnessed and suffered through loss after loss. This past season was no exction. The Pats beat them twice and knocked them from the playoffs in the AFC Championship game.

New York Jets

There has barely been a rivalry between these two teams. The Jets have been of little consequence to the Steelers over the years with a head-to-head of 20-5. I'd be surprised if there’s much animosity for the green no white among the black and gold faithful.

So vote below and we will publish the list of loathe late and come back for the NFC East next time around.


Of the four teams in the AFC East, which team do you dislike the most?

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  • 0%
    Buffalo Bills
    (6 votes)
  • 1%
    Miami Dolphins
    (28 votes)
  • 94%
    New England Patriots
    (1429 votes)
  • 3%
    New York Jets
    (51 votes)
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