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Predicting the 2017 Steelers NFL Draft class jersey numbers

If you read one submission this year, you don't want to miss BTSC’s thrilling predictionS of what number each drafted Steeler will wear in the NFL.

Ohio v Tennessee Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

The excitement of the NFL Draft is over. Now comes the unparalleled anticipation of what jersey number each new member of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be donning on their chest.

Even though I, or any of my compadres at BTSC, have received virtually no cards, letters, emails, tweets, instagrams or confused emojis regarding numerical assignments, I'm sure somebody out there has been losing vast amounts of sleep imagining the digits that CB Brian Allen from Utah will sport in his professional life. So with that one possible fan in mind, I have compiled my predictions for each draft pick's jersey allocation.'re welcome.

LB T.J. Watt

It used to be that a Steeler linebacker would only be wearing a number in the fifties or nineties. But since then, times have changed. Howard Jones, Bud Dupree and Tyler Matakevich are all linebackers sporting a dominant four. I could see Watt wanting to be the face of No. 42, a number that was basically only worn to notable success by Dick Hoak from 1961-1970 and was last worn by Damon Cromartie-Smith in 2011-2012. S Jacob Hagen is listed at the number right now, however. No. 94 could also be a good fit for the top-choice from Wisconsin. Another available set of digits is No. 99, however I don't foresee T.J. mimicking his brother's numerical identity. Watt hinted on his Twitter page he will be wearing No. 90 for the black and gold, but that could change when other numbers become available...hence the prediction.

Prediction: No. 42

Level of Certainty: Medium

WR JuJu Smith-Schuster

The second-rounder from USC was outfitted with No. 9 in the NCAA. He's not eligible for it in the pros. I originally thought No. 89 or 88 would be the go-to for Double J Double S, but Ladarius Green and Darius Heyward-Bey are currently wearing those numbers respectively. That doesn't mean by the end of a training camp that the Trojan won't have access to one or both, but at this point No. 19 seems a likely choice for the second round pick.

The number has only been worn by ten different players in the regular season. Andre Coleman in 1997 and David Woodley in 1984-1985 are the most familiar No. 19's of all-time in Pittsburgh. With a decent rookie season, Smith-Schuster could quickly become the best to don the 1-9 in Steeler lore.

Prediction: No, 19

Level of Certainty: High

CB Cameron Sutton

I have absolutely no clue what number the third-rounder will be assigned but it won't be either of the characters that he wore in the NCAA, 23 or 7. Mike Mitchell is the current holder of the No. 23 that Sutton was listed under at the University of Tennessee. Right now, my best guess for the UT player is No. 20, No. 29 or No. 30. But that's just a shot in the dark.

Prediction: No. 20

Level of Certainty: Low

RB James Conner

The inspirational story of the draft wore No. 24 at Pitt. While the Steelers aren't obligated to give out the same numerals that a player repped at the collegiate level, it seems like a safe bet in this particular situation. This particular number has been dominated by defensive backs since RB Rodney Carter wore the two followed by the four in 1988-1989. Ike Taylor and J.T. Thomas are most associated with No. 24 in Pittsburgh history.

Prediction: No. 24

Level of Certainty: Extremely High

QB Joshua Dobbs

Markus Wheaton just vacated the No. 11. Dobbs wore it at Tennessee. I like the odds of the dice coming up snake eyes for the QB. There haven't been too many blockbuster players to wear the double-unos.

Prediction: No. 11

Level of Certainty: High

CB Brian Allen

The 6'3"corner from Utah was originally a receiver who kept the No. 14. That's currently occupied by Sammie Coates, and he isn't eligible for that number anyhow. I can envision Allen being assigned No. 35. Delton Hall was CB in 1987 that wore it during his Joe Greene Performance Award season.

Prediction: No. 35

Level of Certainty: Medium

LS Colin Holba

I don't know what number Holba will wear, but it won't be the same set worn by his competition, No. 60 Greg Warren. A long snapper can wear anything from 40-99. At Louisville, Holba wore No. 49. It was most famously worn in Pittsburgh by Dwayne Woodruff. I don't really see Holba getting his old college number. The team will most likely save it for a defensive player. I'm thinking somewhere in the 60s.

Prediction: No. 61

Level of Certainty: Very Low

LB Keion Adams

We all know Adams isn't getting his collegiate numerical identity back of No. 1. So I'm going to go completely at the opposite end of the spectrum and put the WMU pass rusher in the same jersey as such defensive stalwarts as Brett Keisel and Levon Kirkland.

Prediction: No. 99

Level of Certainty: High


There you have it. Interrupt your boss, church or a couple getting intimate and share the blockbuster info that you saw here first.