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Rate Your Steelers Hate, Part Two: The NFC East

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Who does the Steeler fan base like the least out of teams from the NFC East? BTSC continues to search for the least favorite of Steeler Nation in our nine-part series.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

BTSC continues to examine the dislike of Steeler Nation for teams in each division. Last time around, we took a look at the AFC East and the Patriots were overwhelming sources of fan animosity in the Steel City with a vote of 95%. Today, we stay in the east and switch conferences to take a look at the NFC. Because of the Steelers’ ineptitude in their first forty years, most of these teams have a much better record head-to-head than the "Men of Steel”. In recent history, Pittsburgh has fared much better. Three of the four teams play in closer proximity to the ‘Burgh than most, and the other is the only franchise to have faced off against the Steelers in the Super Bowl more than once. So each of the four could reasonably deserve the wrath of Steeler Nation.

But the question here is...who of the four annoys you the most? Let's take a look.

Dallas Cowboys

This may be the pick. Dallas is a lot like New England, universally hated. The Steelers have quite a history with Dallas. What a lot of people don't realize is that the Steelers were offered the moniker of "America's Team" before the Cowboys, but the Rooneys declined the offer. The Steelers prevailed in Super Bowls X and XIII over Dallas. There was animosity as both teams were battling for supremacy. Huffy highlights/lowlights include local legend Tony Dorsett donning the star on his helmet, Jack Lambert bodyslamming Cliff Harris in Super Bowl X and Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson quipping that Bradshaw could not spell the word cat if you supplied the c and the a. The rivalry was revisited after the 1995 season in Super Bowl XXX. That time the Cowboys exorcised the demons and took home the Lombardi. Last year, the two teams played one of the best games of the year, but the Steelers came out on the losing end. Pittsburgh trails the all-time series 15 to 17. They were 0-4 in the 90s against Dallas and lost seven straight from 1965-1972, but most importantly have won two of three Super Bowls against "the boys".

New York Giants

The Giants and Steelers don't have much of a beef with one another. The Giants did the Steelers the ultimate favor of trading for Eli Manning. Without that trade, Ben Roethlisberger is a probably a Giant and Steeler Nation is cussing the inconsistencies of Phil Rivers. If you truly hate the Giants, it's probably because of a dislike of the New York metropolitan area. The Giants, like many older teams, hold the series (30-44-3) lead over Pittsburgh due to dominance in the early years. But since 1969, the two teams have played a mere twelve times and are tied with six wins a piece.

Philadelphia Eagles

I personally dislike Philly more than Dallas. The Steelers’ in-state rival holds a twenty-game advantage over "the black and gold" at 28-48-3. The Steelers haven't won in Phily since 1962. But the westerners hold a six game advantage in Super Bowl wins and have appeared in seven more Super Bowl games then their rivals from the east. In 1943 they banded forces as the Steagles. That was a long time ago, but the fan bases dislike each other despite playing in separate conferences and only once every four seasons. But then again, there will always be a rivalry between the two cities that share the same state but seem like they're worlds apart in philosophies.

Washington Redskins

The Skins and Steelers play in close proximity also, but the rivalry is not that intense. In the sixties, the Steelers won seven straight to open the decade and after a split, the Redskins won seven straight to close the decade. Since then, the teams have played eleven games and Pittsburgh is 8-3 and have won six straight since 1997. The Steelers’ recent dominance is similar to the Penguins’ mastery over the Capitals.

Check back next time for the results and our look at the NFC North.


Of the four teams in the NFC East, which of the four do you dislike the most?

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    Dallas Cowboys
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    New York Giants
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  • 16%
    Philadelphia Eagles
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    Washington Redskins
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