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Rate Your Steelers Hate Results: The Patriots reign supreme in the AFC East

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The results are in and the readers of BTSC have spoken regarding the team they dislike the most from the AFC East.

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Christmas this year will be on December 25, the Pope is Catholic, water is wet and of AFC East teams...Pittsburgh Steelers fans find the New England Patriots most objectionable. BTSC polled their readers and Robert Kraft’s football team won in a landslide that would make Reagan vs Mondale look like a squeaker.

Let's take a peek at the results...

New England Patriots - 95% (1352 votes)

New York Jets - 3% (46 votes)

Miami Dolphins - 2% (26 votes)

Buffalo Bills - 0% (4 votes)

From the comments section, the Patriots were the overwhelming choice due to the large contingent of fans viewing them as being cheaters (Spygate mostly), the perceived arrogance of the coach, QB and their fans (one commenter dubbed them Massholes) and their playing in an uncompetitive division. But mostly, the fact that the Steelers have not been able to surpass them was the biggest reason of them all.

Surprisingly, the Jets were second. A possible reason was the recent Jets-Ravens connection. But mostly it stemmed from the 1980s and “the New York Sack Exchange” injuring Terry Bradshaw and subsequently closing the doors of his Hall of Fame career.

The Dolphins and Bills have some “hatas”, but were mostly nonfactors in the pool.

Be sure to vote for your least favorite NFC East team starting today at BTSC.