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Rate Your Steelers Hate, Part Seven: The NFC West

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The Steelers have played three of the four NFCW teams in the Super Bowl, but do fans most despise the team that has never faced Pittsburgh with the Lombardi on the line? You decide.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Even though the Steelers only face the teams from the NFC West only once every four years, there’s genuine dislike for its teams. The division consists of a team that the Steelers battle for all-time supremacy, the safe haven for ex-Steelers, a recent Super Bowl foe with a dominant, arrogant defense and the Rams. Who is considered the team that grinds the teeth of Steeler Nation the most? You make the call.

Arizona Cardinals

I actually think that Steeler Nation has a liking for the franchise that we call “Pittsburgh West”. Former Steelers and coaches seem to always end up in the desert after their Steel City tenure. That has nothing to do with their WWII merger in 1944 as the Pitt-Cards. The teams played in one of the more exciting Super Bowls of all time in Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII. The Steelers lead the series 34-23-3 and have won five of the last six games played between them.

Los Angeles Rams

There is hardly any vitriol between the two teams that have played each other since 1938. The Rams lead the series at 15-9-2 in games played in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Pasadena, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. The Steelers beat the Rams in Super Bowl XIV in January of 1980. In 1978, the Rams beat the Steelers in a fictional Super Bowl in Warren Beatty’s “Heaven Can Wait” - a decent movie, but not enough to spark a serious rivalry.

San Francisco 49ers

Facing one another, the 49ers have a one-game edge with an 11-10 record. Ironically, SF is the only team in this division that the Steelers haven't faced and beaten in the Super Bowl. However, the team of the 70s and the team of the 80s have a rivalry for all-time supremacy. In 1984, the Steelers nearly faced the Niners in SB XIX. They lost to Miami in the AFC championship game, but they were the only team to beat Bill Walsh’s bunch that season, spoiling their chance for perfection. The Steelers have one more Super Bowl win than the 49ers. In 2013, Steeler Nation was torn with who to root for when San Francisco lost to Baltimore in the Super Bowl. I still haven't forgiven the Golden Gaters for losing that game.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle fans dislike Pittsburgh a whole lot more than Steeler Nation has disdain for them. The two teams were conference mates from 1977-2001 (Seattle was in the NFC in 1976 and since 2002) and played each other more than they do now. The series is tied at nine apiece. That includes the Steelers’ 21-10 win in Super Bowl XL, a game in which the Seattle faithful feel that the Steelers and the refs were in collusion. With the likes of Richard Sherman and their recent run of good play, Pittsburge fans seem to like the Seahawks a little less. But you tell us.

Make sure you vote and voice your opinion in the comment section. This one should be interesting. We will share the results in a few days.


Of the four NFC West franchises, which one do you find most despicable?

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  • 7%
    Arizona Cardinals
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  • 4%
    Los Angeles Rams
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  • 25%
    San Francisco 49ers
    (185 votes)
  • 63%
    Seattle Seahawks
    (467 votes)
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