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Random Thoughts from a Black and Gold Mind: Family Feud, Expensive Rides and Tom Petty Lyrics edition

BTSC's resident idiot savant (minus the savant) returns with inane Steeler-themed ramblings.

With the Steeler season less than two months away and training camp in Latrobe looming, my brain matter is starting to think about things that matter to Steeler Nation. My black and gold mind is swirling with hypocycloidical winds and as bizarre as they might be, you get to partake in the madness.

But first, I should let out an apologetic holler to those that found offense last time around. So a railroad of regret goes out to and for the following transgressions.

  • The coining of the phrase, "He'll hath no fury like an Instagram model scorned".
  • Antonio Brown's women woes.
  • Stereotyping Philadelphians as car thieves.
  • Bragging about the 2x Stanley Cup champs.
  • Middle schoolers who dread returning to school.
  • Referencing a specific episode of The Cosby Show the very week the sitcom's namesake was on trial for drugging and having his way with women.


  • Harry Newsome

To quote the great Marvin Gaye and the even-greater Mills Lane, "Let's get it on".

  • My Stanley Cup hangover is wearing off and the Pirates are slightly less exciting than a 1980s Wimbledon semifinal featuring Ivan Lendl. So at the risk of wishing the summer away, hurry up July 27th! I need me some Steeler football.
  • Maybe I worry too much, but I'm beginning to think that another franchise's fan base will be the one's concerned whether or not Le'Veon Bell will miss a drug test or not. While I've had concerns regarding "Juice" and his commitment to the team, I'm wondering if, because of his antics, that the Steelers are 100% committed to Bell. Are they actually willing to break-the-bank with No. 26 or are they willing to start over with James Conner? Even though Adam Schefter tweeted out recently that both sides are motivated to get something done, It's going to be an interesting five days leading up to the 17th and the deadline to get a long-term deal in place.
  • Speaking of Bell, his performance on Celebrity Family Feud was inadvertently quite comical. Host Steve Harvey made fun of Bell for answering "get her number" to the question "What would you do if you answered the door and a completely naked woman was standing there?". I agree with Harvey, if she's already don't need her number. Apparently Le'Veon thinks faster on his feet when hitting the hole than when....oh never mind.
  • I'm not concerned with Dick LeBeau's comments regarding still seeing himself as a Bengal and Brown guy. This doesn't mean that he hates the Steelers for cutting him loose before he was ready. It just means that he's an Ohio native and his heart is there. I haven't lived in Pennsylvania since 1995. I love living in Maryland, but will always consider myself a Keystoner.
  • In this week's episode of Antonio Brown: Drifting Further From Reality (Not a real show, but should be), AB hosted his own 29th birthday party at the prestigious Cipriani restaurant in Miami. Guests included the Miami Heat's Hassan Whiteside, agent Drew Rosenhaus and rapper Ace Hood. For gifts, No. 84 received a $20,000 painting of Muhammad Ali. But the centerpiece for the party was a $350K Rolls Royce parked inside the restaurant. I'm not saying that I'm jealous, but my 29th birthday was spent at the prestigious Cracker Barrell with my ex-wife and the centerpiece of the evening was my gift, a copy of Lethal Weapon 4 on VHS. Business was boomin'.
  • Everybody is excited about the prospect of Martavis Bryant having an amazing year. A lot of the excitement centers around his gaining 20 pounds. I've added twenty bills myself and I've received nothing but mockery and my wife seems to keep getting headaches right before bedtime. Life ain't fair.
  • The TE position for Pittsburgh is kind of like the Joey Fatone to the Steelers *Nsync. It's kind of a weak link, but hopefully like can hang on for a huge ride. If not, this I promise you it ain't no bye, bye bye.
  • I was just watching an episode of America's Got Talent and there was a singer who has sung in the New York City subways for the past 37 years. Mel B. didn't care for him while Simon Cowell was amazed by his performance. Whose opinion and judgement are you going to respect more, a Spice Girl who used to date Eddie Murphy or a kingmaker among record producers? When T.J. Watt was drafted, some pundits poo-pooed the pick as average at best. However, James Harrison has complimented him and Vince Williams said "He's the most ready rookie I've ever seen." Like Cowell's, I'm going to respect the opinion of the Steeler veterans over talking heads any day.
  • Although a seventh rounder, I think Keion Adams could be the best last rounder picked by the club since Kelvin Beachum in 2012.

And finally...

  • I wonder what Huey Richardson is doing these days.

Until next time, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sum up my anticipation for the regular season best with their No. 19 single from the LP Hard Promises in 1981, The Waiting.

The waiting is the hardest part

Every day you see one more card

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart

The waiting is the hardest part


Take that for what it's worth and Go Steelers.