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Steelers Fan Coach/Exec Hatin' Round 1: No. 3 Marvin Lewis vs No. 6 Bruce Arians

BTSC continues to establish the most-despised NFL coach or executive according to our readers. We continue with a coach of a renegade team and former Steeler coordinator vs another former Steeler coordinator with a touch of bitterness

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

BTSC continues the search for the villain coach/exec that out-bad-guys them all. This time we see two ex-Steeler staffers square off in an attempt to advance. Will it be Marvin Lewis or Bruce Arians that gets the nod?

No. 3 Marvin Lewis-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Lewis was well-liked during his time in Pittsburgh. He always seemed like a pretty decent dude. However, the real reason he gains the ire of Pittsburgh fans is that he oversees a band of disrespectful thugs that hurt and maim as if it was in their job description. The bigger crime is that he does nothing to stop it. Lewis has had minimal success against the Steelers, but his team's criminal behavior has hastened the Steelers playoff exits a few times.

No. 6 Bruce Arians-Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I am currently reviewing Arian's book The Quarterback Whisperer and while I don't see a reason to hate the guy for any reason, I do find him a bit delusional and forgetful. Fans find fault with Arians for his extreme bitterness towards the Steelers for letting him go. I don't see too much wrong with being angry for getting fired. I've done that. I'll be pissed when they finally ax me here. But he seems to be a guy that gets his facts mixed up and paints the Steelers as bad guys. Be that as it may, he did some decent things with the offense in Pittsburgh, so I still don't have dislike for Arians. But a lot of fans do and insisted that he be included in the contest.

Now it's your move. Vote Lewis or Arians and comment below. Stick with BTSC for results and further matchups.


Which former Steeler coach do you have more disdain for?

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    No. 3 Marvin Lewis
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  • 27%
    No. 6 Bruce Arians
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