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Ranking the teams, other than the Steelers, I'd like to see win the Super Bowl

Ranking which teams—from least desired to most desired—I'd like to see win the Super Bowl if the Steelers don't.

NFL: DEC 31 Bills at Dolphins Photo by Richard C. Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I know what you're going to say: "None of them!"

That's nice if you're on Facebook and have nothing better to do, but I have articles to write, and there is well-over a week before the Steelers begin their journey for Lombardi No. 7.

So, with that in mind, I will take this time to rank which teams—from least desired to most desired—I'd like to see win the Super Bowl this year if the Steelers don't.

No. 11: New England Patriots

Do I really need to explain this one?

In-case I do, there's the obvious, which is I, like everyone else on the planet (including my mom, after that Week 15 theft at Heinz Field), hate the Patriots. But that's a personal preference. For example, some people enjoy jumping off of a roof onto a bicycle with no seat—just not most of them, which I assume is the case with most people who root for football teams.

The more obvious and important reason, of course, has to do with those "Got Six?" t-shirts we like to throw in the face of any fan who dares to brag about winning the latest Super Bowl. If the Patriots win it again this year, they would make those t-shirts obsolete—or, at least red, white and blue in some markets, complete with a "Yes!" after the question mark.

I mean, it's bad enough most obnoxious and cocky New England fans have already laid claim to the next four Super Bowls; we don't need them one year closer to making that a reality.

No. 10: Philadelphia Eagles

This spot was originally reserved for the Ravens, but then Andy Dalton went ahead and performed like a clutch quarterback in the waning moments of the Bengals Week 17 clash in Baltimore (or at least one who really didn't give a damn, because he was thinking about the beach). With the Ravens out of the running, the next best bet was the Eagles.

Why? Philadelphia.

No. 9: Jacksonville Jaguars

Obviously, there was that 30-9 drubbing at Heinz Field in Week 5 that included five interceptions by Ben Roethlisberger, interceptions that forced him to wonder out-loud if he had it anymore (at least sarcastically to media members who simply ignored that part of it) and had us scared for seven whole days that the 14-year veteran may have actually lost it.

Second, the Jaguars fans are probably too interested in the Alabama vs. Georgia National Title Game next Monday to worry about their team being in the running for a professional championship. Therefore, a Super Bowl title will be wasted on them, and they will probably stop caring the second the Jaguars become mediocre again.

No. 8: Tennessee Titans

I have nothing against the Titans (even if I still haven't gotten over Joe Nedney), but I see no tangible way they can actually make it to and win the Super Bowl. And with that in mind, I see no reason to rank them higher on this list.

No. 7: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have done nothing to warrant such a low ranking from me. In-fact, the optics of seeing Kansas City in the Super Bowl for the first time since seconds before the AFL/NFL merger back in 1970 would be refreshing.

But, let's be honest, given Pittsburgh's dominance over them in recent years, if the Chiefs somehow manage to make it to Heinz Field for the AFC title game, Steelers fans will be so relieved (and confident), they'd bet their houses, cars and their life savings on the home team, thinking a Super Bowl appearance was a sure-thing (I know I would).

After 1994 (Chargers) and 2001 (Patriots before they became The Evil Empire), the last thing I need is a third home shocker in the AFC Championship Game.

No. 6: Minnesota Vikings

I don't hate the Vikings or anything. In-fact, their fans deserve a title after all those years of coming oh so close (well, they never actually came close in any of the four Super Bowls they lost back in the 1970's).

I wouldn't object to a Vikings' Super Bowl victory, but there are others on the list I'd like to see win it more.

No. 5: Atlanta Falcons

After blowing a 28-3 lead in the last Super Bowl—and having to endure all of those Facebook memes for an entire year—if any team deserves some championship success (if for no reason other than the sake of the sanity of everyone who works and cheers for the organization), it's the Falcons.

No. 4: New Orleans Saints

Come on, who can possibly hate Drew Brees? He's everything you want a GOAT quarterback to be. He just needs another ring or two to make those arguments more legit.

No. 3: Los Angeles Rams

I had a soft spot in my heart for the Rams as a kid, because they were a part of the first football game I remembered watching, when they were outlasted by the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV.

Then the Rams moved to St. Louis, and I stopped having that soft spot.

But now that they're back in L.A. for a second run, how neat would it be to see the Rams win it all? Sure, in the City of Angels, where the people generally don't care about sports, it wouldn't be very neat to them.

But it would be neat to me.

No. 2: Carolina Panthers

I've liked the Panthers since they fell to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII, and I want to see Cam Newton earn a ring and elevate himself in the eyes of many as a legitimate franchise quarterback.

No. 1: Buffalo Bills

First of all, there were those four Super Bowl failures in the 1990's. It was bad enough the Bills and their fans had to walk around with the unfair label of "losers" for so many years. But to go 18 seasons in-between playoff appearances not long after their futile Super Bowl run was over just seemed like some surreal piling on.

Second, how refreshing were the reactions of their players and fans when the Bills finally broke their playoff drought last week?

Bills fans are going to appreciate every single second their team stays alive in the postseason, and it would almost put Pittsburgh's 2005 Super Bowl to shame, if Buffalo's run ended with a Lombardi parade.