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Rooting Guide, Wild Card Weekend: Who should Steelers fans be pulling for?

With several options at play, we ask you who you want to see emerge from Wild Card Weekend.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of four teams who have the luxury of sitting back and watching the Wild Card Weekend action as they enjoy their well-earned bye week. On the AFC side of the ledger, the Steelers could be hosting three of the four teams playing this weekend. The Titans, Chiefs or Jaguars.

Throughout the regular season, we would publish a rooting guide for Steelers fans to follow during the weekend action, but in this scenario, we want you to tell us who you want to win on Wild Card Weekend.

Before we get to that, I will certainly tell you who I am rooting for this Saturday and Sunday. In the Chiefs vs. Titans game, I am rooting hard for Kansas City. Some might want the Titans to pull off the upset, but I want the Chiefs in the tournament for one major reason.

Which brings me to the next game. The Bill have been a great story, but I just don’t see them going into Florida and beating the Jaguars, and I am 100-percent okay with that. I feel the Steelers matchup well with the Jaguars, and this scenario would have Jacksonville coming to Heinz Field in the AFC Divisional round, but also have the Chiefs heading to Foxboro to play the Patriots — a matchup I also like.

So, those are my rooting interests this weekend, but who are you rooting for in these games? Let us know in the poll below (have to be on a desktop to vote), and let us know why in the comment section below!


Who are you rooting for in Chiefs vs. Titans

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  • 24%
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Who are you rooting for in Jaguars vs. Bills

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  • 57%
    (1224 votes)
  • 42%
    (890 votes)
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