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Random Spam from a Black-and-Gold Inbox

The newest offering from BTSC's resident wacko has the reader join in as he answers correspondence. Beware, it's weird here too.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

If there ever was a case for beating a dead horse, Barbaro, Secretariat and that pony that my fat second-cousin shattered would all have a restraining order against me. I tend to go back time-and-time again to versions of things I've had even the most remote amount of success with like brunettes, ravioli and Nissans.

With that being documented, I again attempt to spin off Random Thoughts From a Black-and-Gold Mind. This time around, I will answer questions or respond to comments that I've received by email, the comment section at BTSC, or in person. They won't be all run of the mill Steelers fare. There will be traditional football question, some will regard the various pop culture references I make during the column, and some will be out of the 500 section.

Will this particular spinoff be a Frasier or a Three's A Crowd? That's up to you. As long as it isn't a Joey, things will be ai-aight.

So with that being said, welcome to Random Spam From a Black-and-Gold Inbox.

If the Steelers were to make Super Bowl LII, what would be the most attractive matchup?


First and foremost a disclaimer, we can't put the cart before the horse. Jacksonville is the only opponent that matters at this one particular harbor. However, I like Super Bowls that aren't repeats, so Minnesota is out (not the only reason why). New Orleans and Atlanta would all work. But a Keystone State battle would be fun. So, Fly Eagles Fly...for now.

NFL: SEP 25 Steelers at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So, it’s obvious that you didn’t care for Cherone being with the greatest rock band of all time. So was it Diamond Dave or The Red Rocker as your favorite front man?


Huge VH fan here. I could actually say that DLR Van Halen and Sam Halen are two of my top five favorite bands. But my money, it's Diamond Dave. He had the flare, bravado and ingenuity that electrified 24/7. He belongs in the conversation with Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Bret Michaels for the amount Rushmore of lead singers.

(Patriots' DC) Matt Patricia isn’t the vagrant. It’s Belichick who’s living rent free – in our heads….

Big Al W

I would agree with that. But here's hoping the eviction notice gets served in two weeks time. Maybe getting booted by the Steelers will inspire the hoodie to go Jeffersonic on the Pats and move on up to the East Side in a deluxe apartment in the sky-ai-ai.

JuJu or T.J.? Who was more worthy of the Steelers ROY award?


To quote the incomparable Robert Loggia from Unnecessary Roughness..."I hate ties. They don't work for me". I agree 99.9% of the time about ties in athletic competition (Not neckties, they make me look even more suave). However, I'm torn in selecting between the two. Both rookies were incredibly valuable to the team's 13-3 season and seem to promise to be the future on both sides of the ball. Watt had seven sacks and JuJu had seven touchdowns in their first year in the league. It's a win-win-win for everybody involved. I truly think they both have a claim to the honor, but since the team voted...I'll say JuJu by a hair.

You're a complete idiot!!!

Jennifer Davis (wife of eleven years), Hagerstown MD

I'm fully aware of that. But the joke's on you, you married me.

What current Steeler would you let date your daughter?

Mike S., Annapolis MD

Dude, my daughter is only eight! But when you're talking about the player that is the highest caliber of character, I'd say Ramon Foster. I think he's a true leader in the locker room and his glasses are really cool.


There you have it. The first installment of Random Spam. Please put future questions in the comments section here or in Random Thoughts or email to I'll answer them most idiotically in the timeliest of manners. Or this will be a complete bust and will never speak of it again. Like Joey. Oops.