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6 Thoughts from a Steelers fan following the Eagles’ Super Bowl 52 win

After watching the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, I had some thoughts running through my head.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

No one wants to read an article recapping the Super Bowl. The Eagles did the unthinkable and beat the Patriots, but what does this have to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Well, nothing, but there was plenty running through my mind after watching Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lose on the NFL’s biggest stage.

So, I figured you would be more interested in reading more Steelers-focused thoughts on what went down in Minnesota.

1. You play to win the game

Those infamous words spoken by Herm Edwards couldn’t be more true when you look at the huge 4th down conversions made by the Eagles throughout the game. Philadelphia didn’t play scared, and I certainly appreciated that after watching Pittsburgh be way too tentative throughout the 2017-2018 season at times.

2. I’m glad James Harrison didn’t win another ring

Yeah, I’ll say it...the way Harrison left, right or wrong, I didn’t want to see him get a ring for being a part-time player with the Patriots. Harrison played a good game, nothing he should be ashamed about, but it feels as if some sort of justice was served to No. 92.

3. The Steelers stay atop the NFL record books

Sure, some said they didn’t care about the Patriots possibly tying the Steelers with an NFL record six Super Bowl titles, but deep down, no one wanted that to happen. Welcome to a new football season, and the Steelers will have another chance at extending that lead with a seventh Super Bowl win.

4. The Zach Ertz touchdown stings

Steelers fans were watching Zach Ertz score the go-ahead touchdown, and the review which took place shortly thereafter. It looked very similar to the overturned Jesse James touchdown and, although Ertz took more steps to establish himself as a runner, watching the NFL uphold the call on the field made you wonder what might have been if James’ touchdown had stood too. Yes, I’m crying over spilled milk...

5. Call me old-fashioned

I still like defense. The fact that neither defense forced more than a few punts the entire game might be exciting to some, but to me the game was missing some big defensive plays to make it legendary. Then again, what we witnessed is exactly what the NFL wants the modern-style game to become.

6. Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere

If the Steelers want to be back in the Super Bowl next season, they will either need help from someone else beating the Patriots, or they’ll have to learn how to slay the dragon that’s escaped them throughout the Ben Roethlisberger era. Changes will need to be made, and the off-season has officially begun.