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Steelers “Sour 16” Finale: 1996 Jamain Stephens vs. 1991 Huey Richardson

BTSC concludes the Steelers “Sour 16” fan poll of the biggest draft day first round flops.

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here we are. It’s time for the final round of the “Sour 16” fan bracket of the least-favored of the 50 first-round selections of the past 49 seasons since Chuck Noll’s selection of Joe Greene in 1969. Before we get to the heavyweight battle of lightweight success between Huey Richardson and Jamain Stephens, let’s recap the entire tournament. Sorry, we couldn’t get the rights to One Shining Moment and “Weird Al” Yankovic won’t return my calls to parody it. (Should have had Tony Defeo call him, everybody returns his calls).

Noll Region First Round

1979 Greg Hawthorne 3%

1991 Huey Richardson 97%

1989B Tom Ricketts 74%

1980 Mark Malone 26%

1986 John Rienstra 85%

1988 Aaron Jones 15%

1985 Darryl Sims 53%

1989A Tim Worley 47%

Cowher/Tomlin Region First Round

1993 Deon Figures 7%

2013 Jarvis Jones 93%

1999 Troy Edwards 85%

2009 Evander “Ziggy” Hood 15%

2015 Alvin “Bud” Dupree 15%

1996 Jamain Stephens 85%

1997 Chad Scott 0%

2008 Rashard Mendenhall 0%

(Both players removed from bracket due to reader chagrin)

Noll Region Second Round

1991 Huey Richardson 72%

1988B Tom Ricketts 28%

1985 Darryl Sims 70%

1986 John Rienstra 30%

Cowher/Tomlin Region Second Round

2013 Jarvis Jones 68%

1999 Troy Edwards 32%

1996 Jamain Stephens Bye

Noll Region Third Round

1985 Darryl Sims 9%

1991 Huey Richardson 91%

Cowher/Tomlin Region Third Round

1996 Jamain Stephens 67%

2013 Jarvis Jones 33%

Let’s meet the finalists...

Huey Richardson-University of Florida

Richardson had the physique and the speed to be the real deal at the outside linebacker position for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the Steelers pick was hurried. As we discussed in the semifinals, the Steelers had two running backs and a wide receiver on the top of their draft que with three picks till their selection and they all went. Pittsburgh panicked, used their full allotment of 15 minutes and selected Richardson and moved him to the inside linebacker spot. Two long-time pros who were available and would have been solid were Alfred Williams and Ted Washington. They got three tackles out of Chuck Noll’s final first-rounder and traded him before the next season for a seven.

Jamain Stephens-North Carolina A&T

DL Tony Brackens, FB Mike Alstott and DB Lawyer Milloy would all have been solid picks here, however the Steelers thought they had a “diamond in the rough” project in the 330-pounder. It was a rare miss at the number one spot. Stephens ended up starting ten games at RT his second season, but his play was less than stellar. When he allegedly got complacent after his second season, Jamain showed up to camp the next season 20 pounds over weight and did not survive the first day of camp before being waived by Bill Cowher.

There you have it. The BTSC readers consensus as the most ill-advised first rounders from the Noll era and the Cowher/Tomlin bracket respectively. It’s now up to you to determine the least favorable personnel decision for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1969. Both below and stick with BTSC for the results and for comprehensive 2018 Steeler draft coverage.


Who do you rate as the worst Steeler first-round selection since 1969?

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  • 43%
    1996 Jamain Stephens
    (176 votes)
  • 56%
    1991 Huey Richardson
    (231 votes)
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