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Don't judge Maurkice Pouncey based on social media accounts

It used to be that summer was a quiet time in the NFL, where the only news was that there wasn't any. But in today's NFL, a day doesn't go by without some sort of police blotter type headline popping up.


Summer.  A time for vacation.  A visit to a beach or resort town.  Time to unwind from the stress of the everyday grind. Perhaps a chance for families to get together and vacation with one another before everybody goes back to work.

I'm taking it that Maurkice and Mike Pouncey both wanted a little quiet time together this past weekend in Miami.

It doesn't sound like they got it.

According to several people, the Pounceys are accused of attacking a club-goer, according to 'iRickyVasquez' on Instagram.  According to Vasquez, he says both Pouncey's attack him and he was 'jumped by four bouncers' also.  A woman was attacked by the two, according to Vasquez.

This incident also happened in the same club last year both brothers took to wearing those stylish 'Free Hernandez' caps that you can now get at Hobby Lobby and your local flea market.

For $1.

Or a donation to the local soup kitchen.

Oh the days before social media.  What did we do?

For me, it was play with sticks & rocks, not PS3's & Reddit.

Now this story is just in it's early stages and I want to advise that NOBDOY has been charged with a crime.  We like to take to damming people before any sort of jurisprudence has taken place.  We only have the word of two people on Instagram & Twitter telling us one side of what supposedly took place.

Before you, me and Dupree (not Marcus) begin to point guilt fingers, let us wait for the authorities to speak and fill us in on what they know, have learned and are moving forward on.

We are all too quick in this day & age to point a finger and call somebody 'guilty' of doing something because we read a report online or see some Tweet or Facebook post.  Our willingness to judge so quickly is only part of the problem. Society moves at such a rapid fire pace that it's easy to just point and click and judge and move on without all the facts being presented.

Those Pouncey boys wore those Free Hernandez hats so they must have beat on those two.  Guilty!

Not so fast people.  Let's those who handle these things get to investigating and tell us what they have found out. Do I expect them to get to the bottom of this?  No.  I can't see how either two will face any charges.  Many incidents like this end in nothing more than people pointing fingers because others won't talk or stories conflict.  In the end, these two NFL stars won't come under the long arm of the law.  Is that right?  Probably not.

But neither is judging them from afar and based on what some Twitter or Instagram account says either.

John Phillips is a radio personality for 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh and a columnist for Behind The Steel Curtain. His articles will be posted twice weekly beginning with live reporting in Training Camp July 25. Check him out on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.