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5 Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Given the Steelers' historically poor Thursday Night road record, is too much being made of the loss to Baltimore? Does Pittsburgh's late goal-line stand offer Steelers Nation a ray of hope? What would you do if Steve McLendon can't play? Answer these and other Burning Questions on our beloved Black and Gold.

Ike Taylor tries to tackle Steve Smith. Emphasis on the word "try...."
Ike Taylor tries to tackle Steve Smith. Emphasis on the word "try...."
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Steelers went to Baltimore and laid an egg, losing 26-6 and dropping to 1-1, while having been outscored 50-9 in the last six quarters.

Regardless of which equation you use to make sense of those numbers, there are nonetheless 5 Burning Questions which Steelers Nation must resolve as the Black and Gold prepare for Cam Newton and Carolina.

1. Since 2006, road teams are now 24-42 on Thursday night. Since 1980, the Steelers, are 2-10 in road games on Thursday. How do these trends temper your analysis of the state of the Steelers?

2. How bad has the Steelers tackling been? Well, check this out:

For those not fluent in Spanish, he's suggesting that, during the off-season, the Steelers travel south to do some basic training in tackling with the Pumas, Argentina, rugby team!

Seriously. The Steelers use more live tackling in training camp than any other team, yet Mark Kaboly counted 16 missed tackles in the Ravens loss. What's going on?

3. Well into the fourth quarter, the Ravens ripped off a 41-yard run to the one, where John Harbaugh called four straight (including a penalty) running plays in an attempt to see the Ravens impose their will, all to no avail. Do you think the Steelers late goal line stand, however meaningless to the outcome, offers something to build on or was it just a mini-edition of "On any given Sunday football?"

4. The penalties drawn by Troy Polamalu and Mike Mitchell have drawn criticism from far and wide, including Peter King, who'll never be mistaken as being overly sympathetic to the Steelers. Over on Steel City Insider, one guest scribe says the game has been watered down so much he'll stop watching the NFL outside of the Steelers. At what point do you follow suit and say, "Enough is enough?"

5. You Are Johnny Mitchell: The Steelers have listed Steve McLendon as questionable, although Dale Lolley expects him to play. But should he be unable to go, what do you do in his absence?

There you are, have at it folks! Remember, to get full credit, you must show your work.

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