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Memo to Josh Harris from Steeler Nation

We've identified the root cause of why you weren't drafted, Josh, and you can get some payback tonight.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Josh,

We trust you've enjoyed your stay so far here in Steeler Nation. The weather is a little colder than in your native Duncanville, Texas, but we're confident you can overcome it.

You once wrote:

Unfortunately, I was not drafted nor signed as a free agent. I've doubted my ability over the past 48 hours only to find out that the interest level of several teams were VERY high but due to slanderous remarks and false allegations from WF coaches saying I had locker room issues and a poor work ethic, teams backed away. It is unfortunate that former coaches of mine would try and kill my dream with such remarks. As a man, I would have hoped during my years at wake forest that if those issues were true, why did they not sit me down and talk to me (as a man) about the issues. I have a clean record. failed zero drug tests. Thanks to my pro day and a remarkable agent I have received mini camp invites.

We regret to inform you it appears you have received some false information. Your coaches at Wake Forest did not spread rumors about you.

We've traced the root of your lack of draft selection or priority Undrafted Free Agent signing status back to the Baltimore Ravens organization, Ravens coach John Harbaugh in particular. The giveaway is in the "locker room issues" line. They use that in an effort to lower the value of players to the point they can sign them. In this case, it appears they may have had some intention of signing you, but realized the Steelers would not draft or sign you if character flags popped up.

We apologize for being the ones to tell you this. It's a nasty, competitive business. But that only brings us to today.

You now have the opportunity to take it out on Harbaugh and the Ravens organization.

The injury to Le'Veon Bell understandably has us worried. It's exceedingly difficult to run the ball for success against this Ravens team anyway - were you aware Jerome Bettis is the last Steelers running back to rush for 100 yards against them? Yeah, I know, right? It was over 10 years ago now.

We feel your talent, as well as an excellent offensive scheme, can power you to 100 yards. Add in the extra weight you gain by running with that enormous chip on your shoulder, and we feel you can bust through that nasty Ravens' defensive front seven.

What you wrote pains us deeply. We are sorry for what you had to endure at the hands of the Ravens. We would love nothing more than to cheer loudly for you at Heinz Field tonight, in the slush and the slop, as you crack off enough big gains to open up the Steelers' passing attack.

We are looking forward to witnessing your retribution tonight, Josh, one punishing run after another.

We believe in you. Make them pay.


Steeler Nation