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NFL Trade Deadline: Why the Steelers won't be active before the trade deadline

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the more active teams in the NFL this season, mostly by necessity, but see why the Steelers won't be active before the NFL trade deadline Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

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On social media there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the approaching NFL trade deadline Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. EDT. As rumors of players like Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers and Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns being put on the chopping block, and Vernon Davis being traded to the Denver Broncos circulate, fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers are wondering if their favorite team will pull the trigger on a trade of their own, in hopes of improving their team .

The quick and fast answer: It is highly doubtful.

The Steelers have made a tremendous amount of transactions already this season, but simply don't have much to offer, nor do they want to sell the proverbial farm for a player who is going to have to come into a new system and take time to get acclimated.

If we are throwing our hat into the hypothetical ring, there might be a couple players on the Steelers' roster who might be attractive acquisitions for other teams, and could send a draft pick or two back to Pittsburgh. However, let me reiterate these moves are highly doubtful, but at this point what's the harm in a little speculation.

Here are some player who might be attractive for other NFL teams:

Dri Archer - The 2014 third round draft pick holds the second fastest 40-yard dash time in NFL combine history, but has yet to show such burst and explosion on the field for the Steelers. He has been used primarily as a kick returner in his first two NFL seasons, and, despite showing signs of improvement, is underachieving by far for his third round draft status. Archer could be an option for a team who could use a speedy play maker, and has the offense built for a player with his skill set.

Shamarko Thomas - Thomas has proven to be one of the best special teams players on the 2015 Steelers, but has also proven he isn't capable of playing the safety position at the NFL level, at least not in Pittsburgh. Thomas has the tangible tools to be effective. He is a solid tackler, has speed and great instincts, but as Mike Tomlin said, his issues are between the ears. Thomas could be an option for a team looking to re-build their secondary with a player with an upside. The former 4th round draft pick, who the Steelers traded up to draft, hasn't lived up to the billing, but could for someone else.

Darrius Heyward-Bey - The former 1st round draft pick for the Oakland Raiders has proven he still has some juice left in the tank. Before Martavis Bryant returned to the team in Week 6, it was Heyward-Bey who was stretching the field and making big plays in the passing game. For a team looking for a serviceable, and versatile, receiver who is a "team-first" player, Heyward-Bey could be an attractive option.

Terence Garvin - Despite Garvin healing from a MCL strain in his knee, the versatile linebacker has shown the size and speed to play multiple positions in the defense. Garvin is primarily a special teams player, but has the speed to play a big safety position in sub package football, and has the size to play a standard inside linebacker role as well. Teams are always looking to add a player like Garvin to add depth at the linebacker position, and with Garvin third on the team's inside linebacker depth chart, he could find a team where his chances of seeing the field are far greater than in the linebacerk-heavy Steelers' defense.

The NFL trade deadline is set for 4:00 p.m. EDT, and although the Steelers rarely make any moves, BTSC will be on top of any moves made impacting Pittsburgh's roster moving forward throughout the 2015 season.