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Free Agent cornerbacks leaving without a contract doesn't mean a deal won't happen

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted two cornerbacks this week, and both left town without a contract. That simple fact doesn't mean a deal still can't be established between the two parties.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted both Patrick Robinson and Sterling Moore this week as viable free agent options to help their porous secondary heading into the 2015 season. Both players came and went without a hint of a contract being extended. Fans on social media are wondering what is wrong, and why players don't want to come to Pittsburgh to play football anymore. The answer is simple, a deal could still be done.

In the case of Moore, he had scheduled a meeting with the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday before he even traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with the Steelers Tuesday. Robinson also has a free agent tour planned where he will travel to multiple teams, workout and hopefully impress a team enough for them to pay him top dollar for his services.

These players are testing the free agent waters, and as their agents surely are advising them, they are going to listen to all potential bidders before making a final decision. Robinson and Moore could both make their rounds among teams interested, think through their decision and wind up returning to Pittsburgh to sign a contract.

Some might argue it is all about money, while others state it could be about playing time. In regards to the Steelers' current situation, they seem to have both. They have the salary cap space to sign a free agent to a decent deal, as well as a less than stellar secondary group which could provide an individual a chance to make his mark on the defense.

The Steelers will do their diligence this offseason, as they always have and always will, and fans would be wise to trust the powers that be to make the right decision on who to bring in and who to walk away from. Either way you look at it, in the case of Robinson and Moore, both are still viable free agent options in the steel city until the decide to take their talents elsewhere.