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Hey Nike, please make some "Hollywood Bags" shoes

For years, all I've wanted is a gold pair of kicks. Nike, let's make it happen.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, L.C. Greenwood was the flashiest player on those fabled 1970s Steelers teams.

To not be confused with Joe Greene by the P.A. announcer after tackles and sacks, Greenwood wore gold shoes (made my Nike and later Adidas) and after some time, gold became synonymous with L.C.

Gold chains, bell-bottom pants (remember, this was the 70's) and turtle necks became part of LC.'s attire and larger than life personality. He was one of the more spirited players on teams filled with characters like Ernie "Fats" Holmes, Dwight "Mad Dog" White and quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Decades later and nearly two years after his passing, it's time for the spirit of L.C Greenwood and those 70's teams to be immortalized in a new, creative way.

Nike (or Adidas, if you're listening), this is where you come in.

It's time to debut the "Hollywood Bags" shoe-line featuring gold kicks symbolic of of the ones L.C. sported for most of his 13-year career. NBA diehards have the Air Jordan line, why can't NFL and Steelers fans have ours as well?

Ever since I saw L.C. chasing down Fran Tarkenton in those highlights of Super Bowl IX, I've wanted a pair of L.C. Greenwood gold shoes. If one of the big shoe lines did this, I believe "Hollywood Bags" shoes would be a hit. The colors scream Pittsburgh, you could buy them in both low and high tops (an authentic pair of L.C's would mean you're getting high tops as that's what L.C. wore), and, simply, they just look awesome.

Pittsburgh fans are unlike any other fan base in sports. We don't just wear our teams' colors on game days; sporting black and gold is an everyday point of pride for most of us. Getting the chance to add a pair of "Hollywood Bags" kicks to our Pittsburgh sports memorabilia collection would be something I think a lot of Pittsburgh fans (and perhaps even fans outside of Pittsburgh that just like the color scheme and retro look of the shoes) would love.

While L.C. is no longer with us, members of his family could surely benefit from the sales of his shoes. Maybe a portion of the sales could go to the NFL Players Association to help aid NFL veterans that struggle with some of the same post-career injuries that plagued Greenwood.

L.C. Greenwood may never be in the Hall of Fame, but that shouldn't stop us from honoring him with his own shoe line. L.C.'s spirit and the spirit of those 70's teams live on, and it would be awesome if it lived on a little more every time we laced up our shoes.