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The silly season nearing its end for the Pittsburgh Steelers as training camp starts Saturday

The dreaded offseason is crawling to a stop as the Steelers start training camp next season. For the Steelers and the fan base, real football can't come soon enough.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jump for joy fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The silly season, also known as the offseason, is coming to a close. When the Steelers report to training camp this Saturday, July 25th, no longer will "football in shorts" be the discussion, but real football will be the talking points. And let me say it can't come soon enough.

Luckily for Steelers Nation everywhere, the Steelers have had a ridiculously quiet offseason. Sure, there were retirements and the pseudo hold out of Antonio Brown, but other than that the team has had a very pleasant and uneventful offseason. Great news for the organization, but frustrating for fans.

Fans were forced to sift through rankings, analysis and anything and everything related to the Steelers, yet so far from real news. Forced to hear the likes of Jerry Jones and John Harbaugh talk about team expectations and how their teams should win Super Bowl 50 this year.

Talk is cheap in May, June and July, but on Saturday at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA the talking will end and the 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers will start to mold their team through the pain and punishment of training camp. For the Steelers, expectations couldn't be higher, and the team realizes it more than anyone. It isn't normal for the football team from Pittsburgh to not win a postseason game in almost 5 years. As Mike Tomlin always says, "The standard is the standard", but hopefully the standard reverts itself back to winning on a consistent basis.

So gone are the Top 10 quarterback rankings, and in are training camp reports and prayers sent to the football gods for healthy players through the preseason.

Fans suffer through the offseason for one of the shortest professional sports seasons in North America. My advice for fans everywhere is to enjoy every step of the process. Sure you can gripe about preseason games and how they mean nothing. Complain about how Ben Roethlisberger won't play more than a quarter until the 4th game of their 5-game preseason. You can say you only care about meaningful football, but remember, before you know it we will be right back where we are now: the silly season.

Enjoy the week leading up to training camp. Enjoy going to Latrobe in you live close enough or make the venture there once a year. Enjoy everything about football season, because if you are like is gone in the blink of an eye.