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Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's knee injury could help rally the rest of the team

Sound the alarm the Steelers lost to the Dolphins and Ben got hurt. The Steelers are overrated and done, or are they?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries can do two things to a team.

They can either be an excuse for why a team falls apart after playing so well,


it can help a team rally in the face of adversity.

The injury to Ben Roethlisberger is unfortunate in timing indeed, but it's much better than it happening in Week 17 going into the playoffs. That's basically the kiss of death for the Steelers Superbowl chances. The Steelers can win a game or two without Roethlisberger, they can't win that sought after 7th Lombardi trophy without him though.

The Steelers are used to this, they've seen it before, we, the fans, have seen it before.

Flashback to last season Week 3, another knee injury to Ben Roethlisberger that sidelined him till Week 7. If it wasn't for Josh Scobee, the Steelers very well could have been 3-1 without Ben during that stretch. They went 2-2, and one of those losses was to a Kansas City Chiefs team reading to go on a serious run at Arrowhead Stadium with Alejandro Villanueva getting his first NFL start at left tackle.

Does anyone remember how low the odds were that the Steelers were gonna beat a Bruce Arians Cardinals team with Mike Vick and Landry Jones under center?

"Don't tell me the Odds!"

Yes, I know the upcoming opponent looks more daunting than the Cardinals last season. Daunting even with Ben, and without Ben it looks almost inevitable the Steelers are going to be 4-3 after next Sunday.

Really, we're gonna go there?

You realize the Steelers just lost to arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

"But that means the Steelers are overrated"

Overreaction Monday much?

This is the NFL!

Any given Thursday (get rid of TNF please!), Sunday or Monday, any team can win. We see at least once every week!

I understand that New England rarely loses when Tom Brady is under center, let alone to the Steelers with or without Ben Roelthisberger.

The Steelers are going to hear all about what their chances with Ben would've been, and how much lower it is without Ben.

The Steelers don't care though.

They're going to show up at Heinz Field and put it all on the field, and it's why us the fans need to be out of our seats cheering this team on.

They've been through this before, and so have the fans, why should we give up now?

Great things don't come easy, especially in the NFL. The Steelers know this, every team in the NFL knows this. Somewhere along the line, adversity is gonna show in some form and that's what exposes the pretenders and highlights the contenders.

As much as I know the odds are not in the Steelers' favor to beat the Patriots, I honestly believe this is the kind of adversity that's gonna show this team's fortitude and gall moving forward.

The Steelers may very well lose to the Patriots, or they could shock many and win. No matter the outcome of the upcoming game, there's no doubt in my mind this won't be the same team that showed up in Miami. This will be a team that'll show up ready to defend their house, surrounded by terrible towels.

This season is far from over, and neither are the Steelers.