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The biggest fallacy is sports: The NFL offseason

With Super Bowl 50 officially in the books, everyone now begins their discussion on the NFL "offseason", which I ask, "What is that?"

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, its over. The 2015 NFL season is in the books as the Denver Broncos were able to defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. You hear it everywhere you turn now. Talk about the NFL offseason and what it has in store for particular teams and players. My response to such inquiries is simple: "What offseason?!"

It is true. The National Football League didn't become a multi-billion dollar industry by having the shortest season of any major North American league. It turned into the giant it is by never having an offseason.

Now, before I go any further, as someone who runs a website surrounding a NFL franchise, I am more than happy the NFL season doesn't experience an extremely dead season -- although the Summer months can be challenging. The NFL has patterned itself into a business that never stops.

So, the Super Bowl is over, have no fear, your football fix is near. In fact, in just about a week regional combines will begin, as collegiate athletes look to make an impression and become drafted in the upcoming draft. After that, franchise tags and tenders can be offered to players. Shortly following this news is the NFL Scouting Combine followed by the start of Free Agency in early March.

You think things would slow down there, right? Wrong. After that you have the owners meetings where rules changes occur, then the big kahuna of them all -- the 2016 NFL Draft on April 28th-30th. After the draft you have OTAs, the rookie symposium and other Spring workouts before the dog days of Summer hit. At this point, it is only a matter of weeks until players report to training camps around the league.

From the outside looking in, the NFL season is so short. 17 weeks are all that is guaranteed, and in comparison to other professional sports leagues, the season resembles a mere blip on the sports radar. MLB plays 162 games and the NBA and NHL play 82 games. When the NFL has the shortest season, and the longest offseason, you have to find a way to make fans engaged all year long.

Kudos to Roger Goodell, because the NFL has done just that. Although many fans pack up their terrible towels and wait for the Pittsburgh Steelers draft before thinking about football again, more and more are keeping those Steelers jerseys fresh and clean and wearing them with pride -- regardless of the season. It is this reason, and more, that the biggest fallacy in all of sports is the thing some call a NFL offseason.

Have no fear, we will be here every step of the way to give you the best coverage around surrounding the black and gold...because there is no offseason.