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It is easy to forget what Senquez Golson can bring to the Steelers defense in 2016

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the NFL Draft, fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers might be forgetting what Senquez Golson can bring to the team's defense in 2016.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Fan bases of any professional sports team typically have a singular focus. They are focused on the next big event, and often times lose track of the bigger picture. Come to think of it, this can happen in the media too. Websites devoted to professional teams can become inundated with the draft, free agency and even preseason action to the point where some aspects of the team might be lost in the shuffle.

Throughout the Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 NFL Draft process, the defense was the main focus for the second straight year. When the team selected cornerback Artie Burns and safety Sean Davis in the first two rounds, it became apparent the secondary was the point of emphasis heading into 2016.

The aftermath of the draft was inundated with film, opinions, commentary and the ongoing debate of how much the team can expect of their rookies in their first official season as professionals.

I am as guilty as anyone in this regard. I've watched enough film on Artie Burns and Sean Davis I feel I know their tendencies on the field for their respective colleges. However, this morning while scrolling through my Instagram account -- which has no family or friends followed, just members of the Steelers -- I noticed a post which was shared by cornerback Senquez Golson. The video is a small collage of highlights from Golson's time at Ole Miss. Take a look below at the video.

The video itself is nothing new, especially if you followed the draft coverage after Golson was selected in the 2nd round of the 2015 NFL Draft. What the video did for me was immediately set off an alarm inside of me in regards to what he can potentially bring to the team in 2016.

While most will grumble about his height (5-feet 9-inches), you watch the film and you can see how Golson plays much bigger than his physical frame. Possessing incredible ball skills, all while not shying away from contact. In fact, I will go as far as saying Golson certainly is as close to the complete package for the Steelers at the cornerback position that they currently have on their roster.

Most have Golson being primed to play the slot position in the Steelers' defense, but don't sleep on him possibly being a defender on the outside either. Watch this film breakdown of him as a Senior against Texas A&M.

Golson isn't without flaws, but with cornerbacks like William Gay, Ross Cockrell, Doran Grant and now Artie Burns as the only real cornerbacks on the roster, fans should start to get excited about Golson in 2016.

Golson should know the system inside and out after a year of watching, and it will simply come down to physical execution as the deciding factor of his playing time in his red-shirt rookie season.

The Instagram video gave me a jolt of excitement this morning as I realized the playmaker the team is getting in the defensive backfield. Brandon Boykin was good, but if Golson can play in the NFL -- whether it be in the slot or on the outside -- like he did at Ole Miss, Boykin will be nothing more than an afterthought. The Steelers focus on athleticism and speed continues with Golson, and fans shouldn't sleep on the former second round pick being an absolute play maker for the Steelers in 2016 and beyond.