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No bad news is good news at Steelers OTAs

Nothing traumatic happened this week at the Steelers first OTAs of the offseason. Therefore, it was a good week.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers first week of OTAs concluded on Thursday, and nothing bad happened.

And when nothing bad happens during the team's offseason non-contact workouts (I've said it before and I'll say it again, OTAs, rookie camp and mini-camp are pretty much like jelly, jam and marmalade--is there really any difference?), that's all I care about.

Bad would be things like failing a drug-test, getting injured or, well, is there anything else? Oh yes, making a disparaging remark to the media that causes an uproar (actually, that's good for writers) or, worse yet, getting arrested on the South Side and having the story included as part of Jeff Hartman's Day 2 OTAs Recap.

Whatever else happens at OTAs, from who looks great and who looks lost? To tell you the  truth, I don't really care.

Sure, sometimes players skip these voluntary practices, as was the case for several Steelers last week. But as everyone knows, the only time people get in an uproar over skipped OTAs sessions is when it's done in-order to prove a point during contract talks.

"Antonio Brown skipped OTAs for Dancing With the Stars? Business is boomin!"

"AB missed OTAs because he is bitter over his contract? The Rooneys should cut him!"

Other than the wives of Ben Roethlisberger and Landry Jones giving birth last week, the only thing of note to happen at OTAs (at least as far as I'm concerned) was the one-on-one match-ups between all-world receiver Antonio Brown and cornerback Artie "Polarizing First Round Pick" Burns.

In two isolated match-ups, Burns reportedly went 1 for 2 against Brown, who caught 136 passes in 2015.

On one play, Burns' made-up ground on the unbelievably fast Brown and knocked a deep ball away. On another one....

"He got me," Burns said, in a quote courtesy of "I had bit on the slant.  He went back out. He scored on me."

That's okay, Artie, or AB2, or Mr. Burns. Fifty percent is better than what three-time Pro Bowl corner Chris Harris Jr. could say in 2015, after Brown had 16 catches for 189 yards and two touchdowns against mostly him in a 34-27 victory over the Broncos last December 20.

Besides, even if Brown schooled Burns on every single play, I wouldn't really care. The only thing that I would have cared about was Brown or Burns, but especially Brown (sorry, rookie) getting carted off the field with a torn whatever.

Nobody got hurt this week. Nobody got injured. Nobody failed anything. Nobody got arrested.

Therefore, the first week of OTAs were A-OK as far as this writer is concerned.