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Have no fear Steelers fans, Martavis Bryant isn't going anywhere

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Martavis Bryant isn't going anywhere but deep for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

When Bryan Anthony Davis interrupted a caller during Sunday night's Final Score Post-Game podcast to offer up some breaking news, I had flashbacks to Week 1 and thought, "Here we go, another injury announcement."

But when he announced that Ian Rapoport had Tweeted something huge about Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant, I thought, "I guess he's getting suspended for drugs again."

However, when I realized Bryan's breaking news had to do with a trade Bryant had supposedly recently requested, and that he was unhappy in Pittsburgh, what finally popped into my mind was, "So?"

I mean, I'm not the first person to say this since the rumor about Bryant first surfaced (although, I may have said it during the show Sunday night), but let me be the latest: Just because Bryant requested a trade, doesn't mean the Steelers have to trade him.

In fact, given his enormous talent and fourth-round salary level that will see him earn 6-figures this season and next, Pittsburgh would be downright stupid to trade Bryant.

You think Antonio Brown has problems with double- and triple-teams now, imagine how many Gatorade coolers he'd damage, if veteran Darrius Heyward-Bey or rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster lined up opposite him for the remainder of the year.

Not saying those two guys and slot receiver Eli Rogers are chopped liver (especially JuJu, who, at age 20, has worlds of potential to be an effective No. 2 one day), but they certainly don't possess the raw ability of Bryant.

As much as people want to dismiss Rapoport's report, there’s probably some truth to the rumors. But again, so what?

If Bryant is unhappy, he has nobody but himself to blame.

First of all, in terms of his football development, he's at about the level of a second-year receiver, when he should already have the experience of a fourth-year man. This is what happens when you miss 27 games during your first-three seasons as a professional.

Twenty of those 27 games missed were due to drug suspensions—including all 16 a year ago.

It's kind of hard to develop a rapport with your quarterback when you're not even allowed to be around him on the practice field or in meetings.

Bryant is suffering from something I personally didn't think he'd be suffering from in 2017: suspension jet lag.

By most accounts, he's simply not getting open enough, which might explain why he has 17 catches through six weeks on a fairly substantial 34 targets.

Save for a handful of plays, Bryant hasn't been the downfield consequence to ganging up on No. 84 in coverage. Sure, there were those two misfires in Weeks 3 and 4, when he was wide-open for what would have been long touchdowns. You can place the blame on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's right shoulder for one or both of those passes, but if Bryant was getting open downfield on a regular basis, my guess is his quarterback would have figured out just the right touch to put on the deep ball by now.

Bryant just has to do a better job at getting open so his franchise quarterback can have the confidence to look for him more often.

Does Roethlisberger target Brown a lot? Yes, but wouldn't you if you were in his shoes?

Believe me, as much chemistry as No. 7 has with No. 84, no quarterback is allergic to targeting any receiver who works to get himself wide open.

So again, anyone who thinks this Bryant saga will be yet another distraction for the 2017 Steelers, think again.

If Bryant really is frustrated with not getting the football enough, he knows what to do, and that's giving his quarterback a reason to look for him on a regular basis.

I have confidence Martavis Bryant's enormous talent will shine through before the 2017 season comes to an end. When it does, he won't be playing for any other team but the Pittsburgh Steelers.