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Random Thoughts From a Black and Gold Mind: Beat more than the Patriots

BTSC’S resident lunatic is back with more bizzarre thoughts to share. Be warned, they may take a few points off of your IQ, but it is worth it.

NFL: AFC Championship-Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With free agency in its’ final stages and the 2017 draft a little more than a month away, the Steelers have been very active and inactive all in the same breath. Because of this, my black and gold mind has been working overtime. Once again, you get to time share in my cranium with all thoughts Steelers.

But first, apologies a plenty to those who possess feathers that I may have rustled. So a mop bucket full of my bad goes to and for the following...

  • Richie Rich
  • Using the term, “dolla-dolla” when referring to money
  • The late, great Barbaro
  • Jesse “The Body” Ventura
  • Stanley Wilson
  • The Riddler’s Costume
  • Robbie Neville
  • Anybody who drives a 2008 Chrysler minivan

Without further ado, welcome to Random Thoughts From a Black and Gold Mind.

  • I hate the philosophy that the Steelers need to build a team just to beat the Patriots. Seriously, the philosophy should be the same as the a team to beat everybody. If they beat the Pats, they need to have the kind of team that can win a Super Bowl. That’s a winning philosophy.
  • Why did we think that the Steelers would actually do anything besides their norm in free agency. It simply is not how they roll. It doesn't matter how much money the Steelers have to burn or how much cap space exists, Steeler Nation has become very much like that 80s teen with an oval, squishy ring in his wallet. You know it’s there and you pray you’ll get to feel the sweet exhilaration of using it. However, you know deep down that you’re never going to get to hear those scratchy Velcro pieces separate and release it from that secret compartment.
  • Memo to Big Ben...please drop the drama! I have been a Roethlisberger apologist, but this “not sure if I’m coming back” act is unproductive and annoying. Who is buying this? I get that with each year it gets harder to come back and I don't blame you for wanting the organization to provide you with every weapon possible. I also appreciate your frustration for some of the immaturity and lack of discipline on the team. But your comment about "leaning towards coming back” is irksome. Veiled threats and fake indecision isn’t necessary. In fact, you’ve actually put yourself in a tough position with this kind of dialogue. If you leave at this juncture, it screws the team. When you stay and then pull this same schtick next year, nobody's going to take it seriously. Just be the leader.
  • Now that the criticism is out of the way, Roethlisberger must be commended for his philanthropy work once again. Ben’s supplying and training police dogs to police forces is ongoing. He and Jim Kelly recently spent time with a young, stage-4 cancer patient going to New Zealand for a bow hunting adventure and he has also been mentoring and throwing to draft prospects, notably Connor Kupp. I would love to see No. 7 be named Super Bowl MVP and NFL Man of the Year all in the same February 2018 weekend.
  • Pittsburgh seems to have quite a relationship with the Ohio State University. Cam Heyward and Ryan Shazier lead the list of former Buckeyes. However, I’m hoping the Steelers draft a trio from their bitter enemies at Michigan. The 12 year-old in me is dying to cheer for (Jabril) Peppers, a pass rusher called Taco (Charlton) and a TE surnamed Butt (Jake).
  • Now that the Bengals have released ILB Rey Maualuga due to their signing of Kevin Minter, the Steelers should take a look at the veteran from USC. They desperately need depth behind Shazier and Vince Williams and the 30 year-old would not represent a huge cap hit. The drawback is that he only started six games in the 14 that he played, not the fact that he played for Cincinnati. In fact, incentive to punish the Bengals is a pro not a con. The real problem here is for fans. It’s going to be hard enough to pronounce (Tyson) Alualu, let alone Maualuga. But then again, those two names spoken in a yinzer accent would be awesome.
  • Martavis Bryant finds out about his reinstatement on Tuesday. If he’s reinstated, then he has done everything to rectify his situation. If not, he’s a lost cause and it’s time to move on. If his Instagram is any true indication, he’s faster, leaner, stronger and loves the game again. If that’s the case, the Steelers should reap the benefits.
  • Ross Cockrell needs to stay in Pittsburgh. He claims that he wants to stay. The deadline for offer sheets to restricted free agents is April 21st, so another CB-needy team could offer up to Ross. But if they do, the Steelers would be wise to counter.
  • A month out, my money for the Steelers first-round selection is edge-rusher Takkarist McKinley of UCLA. But maybe I read too many mock drafts. The only way I see them not taking an edge is if Jabril Peppers falls to them.
  • Speaking of the draft, if the Steelers find themselves in a position to take CB Sidney Jones IV of Washington or Fabian Moreau of UCLA in the second or third round, they should thoroughly investigate the player’s health and consider the possibility of rolling the dice and getting another first-round caliber player later. Representatives of both players are indicating that both Jones and Moreau will be ready for training camp.

and finally...

  • I wonder what Clint Kriewaldt is doing these days.

Untill next time, follow us in living by the legendary words of Andrew W.K., “Do what we like and we like what we do.”

Take that for what it's worth, and Go Steelers.