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First annual Pittsburgh Steelers Facebook mock draft

The first annual Pittsburgh Steelers Facebook mock draft went as well as expected.

NFL: NFL Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On the eve of the 2017 NFL Draft, I decided to ask a group of Facebook posters to participate in a mock draft just so we could possibly get a feel for which direction the Steelers might go this weekend.

Will the Steelers look to fortify the defense? How about that future franchise quarterback? What about an insurance policy at wide receiver in-case the Martavis Bryant reinstatement doesn't pan out? How about an insurance policy at tight end in-case Ladarius Green can't make a go of it physically in 2017?

Let's unveil and review the first 20 rounds of the first annual Steelers Facebook mock draft:

Round 1: Ben needs to retire!!!!!!

Wow, there was speculation that this would be a rather high draft choice, but for Ben needs to retire !!!!!!! to be the top choice in this first annual Steelers Facebook mock draft? Well, that could throw the rest of the selections into a weird direction.

OK, so who will Pittsburgh take in the second round? Surely, defense—outside linebacker; cornerback—will be the wise choice here. The next Facebook poster has card in hand, and here he comes to the podium:

Round 2: Who cares!!!!!!!!!

A different direction than I would have gone, but all things considered, that's not a huge surprise at any point in a Facebook mock draft.

Let's take a look at picks 3-10

Round 3: They need to draft a whole new team!!!!!!

Round 4: FU Fool!

Round 5: Click bait!

Round 6: This is just a stupid idea. Look fole, why would I care about a Steelers mack draft? Why don't you come up with a legitimut idea or right your own mock instead of asking Facebook to draft for you, you moran!!!!!

Round 7: They need to draft a better game-day philosophy on how to beat the Patriots!

Round 8: They need to draft a new head coach!

Round 9 : I'm going to unlike this page!

Round 10: Wait, the Steelers should draft a quarterback? This is the dumbest idea ever!

Alright, let's take some time to talk about how the rest of the top 10 of this first annual Steelers Facebook mock draft unfolded.

Can you believe Click bait was taken in the top five? I didn't see that coming.

Yeah, and what about the unlike this page selection in Round 9? I figured that would go much, much later. Kind of a reach.

What about the They need to draft a new head coach! pick at number eight?

Well, the anti-head coach group is a deep one, as always, and I figured one would go somewhere in the top 10; with Fire Tomlin now! and Coach Dumlin! still on the board, the Steelers could get some great value picks as this first annual Steelers Facebook mock draft progresses.

Let's continue:

Round 11 : No!

Round 12: No!

Round 13: No!

Round 14: No!

Round 15: Um no!

Round 16: No way!

Round 17: Not just no, hell no!

Round 18: No!

Round 19: Hell no!

Round 20: If they had a better coach than Mike Dumlin, they wouldn't have to worry about this draft!

What do you think about the run on Nos in the previous 10 picks?

I mean, as always, this Facebook mock draft was deep in Nos, but I didn't expect so many to go off the board in rapid-fire succession. But I do like the Hell No! at 19. Hell No! isn't just a traditional no. It's more versatile and with fluid hip movement. The Steelers would get a really great value pick if they landed that choice in the 19th round.

Stay tuned for analysis of rounds 20-40 of the first annual Steelers Facebook mock draft, which are ongoing as we head to a break:

Round 21: They always loose to inferior teams!!!!!!!!!!

Round 22: Are you smoking crack!

Round 23: Um, can we please not do a mock draft and leave the player evaluations up to the experts?

Round 24 : Fire Tomlin!

Round 25: Steelers are the greatest team in the world, and they don't need any new draft picks!

Round 26: Fire Colbert!

Round 27: This writer is an idiot!

Round 28: Godell hates the Steelers!

That was exhausting...