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James Harrison’s latest feat of strength will do little to squelch doubts of NFL and opposition

Despite how awesome James Harrison is, especially when it comes to his amazing feats of strength, his latest post will do little to squelch the opposition’s, and the NFL’s, suspicion.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison has been posting workout videos on his verified Instagram account for years now, but over the past year is when the major media outlets have been catching wind of these amazing lifts, pulls and throws Harrison has been performing on a daily basis.

In my early days at BTSC covering the Steelers, Harrison’s videos, which were not as frequent at the time, would garner their own article on the website. It was then where a certain Cleveland Browns blog would constantly respond with similar thoughts and comments.

“HGH is an awesome drug.”

“Steroids, does a body good.”

“What a ‘roider.”

You get the picture, but when James Harrison released his latest video of his pushing a sled with over 1,800 pounds on it, well I can’t wait to see what rave reviews this article will draw from the Dawg Pound.

In case you missed the video, you can see it below:

My attempt at 39 plates plus sled... 1,800lbs plus

A post shared by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

When I saw the video on social media, my first thought was, “What a freaking beast!” But shortly after my thoughts steered towards, “This isn’t going to do anything to stop those “random” drug tests and constant accusations of the opposition.”

Not that Harrison cares, because he clearly doesn’t, but despite the fact these videos are amazing to see, they don’t do anything to help his quest to call out the NFL and their “random” drug tests.

Although Harrison’s legacy in the Steel City has been cemented, and only a suspension for a banned substance would alter that legacy, Harrison’s image outside of the vast Steelers fan base has a shroud of mystery surrounding it. How does this 39-year-old actually push a sled with 1,800 pounds on it? How does he continue to play at a high level at this age? To say they have their doubts is the understatement of the year.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt Harrison has been the most tested athlete in the NFL the past 5 years, and he has never failed one. So, barring a drastic change in those results, it looks as if Harrison’s feats of strength will continue, and Steelers fans will simply keep livin’ the good life watching the 39-year-old harass quarterbacks for yet another year in the Steel City.