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What the media always gets wrong about the Steelers is the assumption the defense is a horrible weakness

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team with a dynamic offense, but the narrative of their defense being an Achilles heel is completely false.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve followed the Pittsburgh Steelers since their Super Bowl 45 appearance, you’ve heard a lot of false narratives surrounding the team. One of those narratives is just how bad the defense is, and how it will be the reason the team never climbs that “stairway to seven” which has been proclaimed since Super Bowl 43.

Now, this narrative hasn’t always been false. There were those rebuilding years when the defense was having to restart from the ground floor and patch together a team worthy of postseason play. After many consecutive years in the playoffs, last year reaching the AFC Championship game, it is time for this narrative to be put to rest.

I am not trying to prove this 2017 defense is perfect, or even great, but the thought of the team having to win solely by their lethal offense is something which simply isn’t true anymore. Sure, an offense that can score at will makes things a lot easier for any defense, but the Steelers defense has proven they are capable of winning games even if their offense doesn’t find the endzone as much as everyone hopes.

Take a look at the 2016 AFC Divisional game against the Kansas City Chiefs as a perfect example. While the offense was stalling repeatedly in the redzone, and settling for Chris Boswell field goals, the defense was keeping the Chiefs out of the endzone, and ultimately help punch their ticket to the AFC Championship game.

Already in the early portions of the 2017 season, the defense has been stepping up and doing what they are supposed to do against sub-par quarterbacks. The team’s 9 sacks are tied for second in the NFL thru two games, their 237 yards suffered per game is tied for third in the league, 163 yards per game against the pass is 5th, 74 rushing yards per game is 8th and 13.5 points per game is 6th in the league.

Do the math, this defense is off to a Top 10 start to the season. A lot can change throughout the course of the season, but the youth and athleticism the defense puts on display is exciting to see. Ryan Shazier, Bud Dupree, Sean Davis and Cam Heyward are flying around and knocking opponents around to the delight of Steelers fans around the world.

It is okay to say it, the Steelers defense isn’t a weakness on the team anymore. In fact, they are slowly becoming a strength.

Now if only the mainstream media would get the memo...