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James Harrison playing in a Super Bowl for the Patriots further twists the knife in Steelers fans’ backs

The Pittsburgh Steelers let James Harrison walk, and now he’s walking directly to Super Bowl 52 with the New England Patriots.

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

James Harrison wanted to play, and he also wanted another shot at a Super Bowl before he hangs up the cleats for good. He’s getting the chance to do both of these things, but not for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rather, for the hated New England Patriots.

For the time being, let’s leave out how Harrison left. The fuming teammates letting their anger and frustration boil over for everyone to read and hear. Instead, let’s focus solely on Harrison leaving.

For whatever reason, Harrison saw the writing on the wall. As previously stated, he wanted to play, and he wanted a shot at a Super Bowl. Clearly, his playing time had diminished this year in Pittsburgh, but that isn’t what lingers in my mind. What lingers is how he left and went to the Patriots to win another ring.

Call it my paranoia regarding the team from the northeast, but I saw Harrison leaving as him suggesting the Patriots, who’ve had the Steelers’ number since Tom Brady took the NFL by storm, had the better shot to win it all.

Turns out, he was right, but it doesn’t make the stinging any easier to tolerate. Throw in the fact it was Harrison with a huge strip sack of Blake Bortles on the Jaguars’ final drive in the AFC Championship game, and it’s rubbing salt into an open wound.

I’m certainly not happy with how Harrison left the team, nor am I happy about how the Steelers utilized Harrison throughout this season. Nonetheless, the fact Black-and-gold faithful will now be watching Harrison wearing blue, grey, red and whatever other colors that regional team from the northeast is wearing, and the spectacle will be gut-wrenching.

But my feelings also are conflicted. I still have a massive amount of respect for what Harrison did during his time in Pittsburgh, but I also view him in a negative light if all that was said about his departure is true.

Nonetheless, I discuss this more in the short podcast above. Check it out, and let us all know what you think about Harrison playing in Super Bowl 52 in the comment section below!