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The Pittsburgh Steelers defense is the real home of 'Sacksonville'

Nicknames are fun, and the Jaguars sack-powered defense certainly came up with a neat one with 'Sacksonville." But the Steelers defense that finished one ahead of Jacksonville with 56 is the true king of the sack this season.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently adopted a name for their prolific pass-rushing defense.

Cleverness being what it is (or isn't), someone (and I haven't done the research to find out the answer) came up with 'Sacksonville,' which, in all honestly, isn't that bad.

Anyway, given such a nickname, I just assumed that Jacksonville's defense not only had enough sacks to lead the league in that category, but to lead it comfortably.

With the Steelers set to face a Browns offense in Week 17 that gave up seven sacks the first time the two teams met on September 10, I just had to see how close Keith Butler's defense was to the Jaguars in that category.

And when I saw Pittsburgh was only two behind, you better believe, after health and the number one seed (pipe dream), seeing the defense best the Jaguars' for the team sack title was my number one rooting interest this past Sunday.

It was tough keeping up with the number of sacks the Steelers were recording, given I had to use both hands, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to see the six they posted were enough to out-duel Jacksonville by one.

So what does this mean right now?

Does this mean Pittsburgh should demand the Jaguars hand over their t-shirts and all other 'Sacksonville' paraphernalia and declare its defense champion of the sack?

Does this mean the Jaguars should feel ashamed of adopting such a nickname for its defense and not even being able to finish number one in the end?

No, not really.

I mean, nicknames are nice, and they're especially cool when your team hasn't been to the postseason for a very long time, which, before this season, Jacksonville hadn't since 2007.

And, hey, as a proud Terrible Towel(s) owner for all of my adult life, I certainly can't mock something—a name or symbolic flag—that fans gravitate to as a means of rallying around a sports organization.

However, I think what the 56 sacks represents for the Steelers is that they're a complete football team.

Yes, Pittsburgh is known for its offense, a unit that, if it performs at a high level, starting in the divisional round, should be a force great enough to carry the entire team to three-straight victories and a championship all by itself.

But even if the offense struggles a bit in the playoffs, due to, oh, I don't know, rust, the Steelers defense—specifically, the pass-rush—has demonstrated through 16 weeks that it can change a game in a heartbeat with a timely sack or three.

And if the defense struggles, we've seen down the stretch that the offense is more than capable of scoring as many points as it needs to win.

Can the Jaguars say that if their defense struggles?

Can Jacksonville survive on the arm of Blake Bortles if the legs of its pass-rush can't get to the opposing quarterback?

Finally, it's not a foregone conclusion that the Jaguars will wind up in Pittsburgh for the divisional round in less than two weeks.

But if they do, I wouldn't go bragging about my sack totals (or my new nickname), if I were them.

The Steelers defense—and offense—might have a little something to say about both, when all is said and done.