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A sincere ‘Thank You’ to the Steelers for being so active in free agency

With the signings of both Jon Bostic and Morgan Burnett, the Steelers have saved many writers from touching on those silly offseason topics we usually love to discuss.

Arizona Cardinals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Do you think Jon Bostic, the free agent inside linebacker the Steelers inked to a two-year contract on March 18, has a go-to sack dance? Do you think Morgan Burnett, the veteran safety Pittsburgh signed to a three-year deal on March 20, has a favorite Die Hard movie?

If we don't already know these things about the Steelers two recent rather high-profile free agent pickups, chances are we will between now and the draft on April 26.

In-fact, those poor guys will have their techniques, college histories, injury histories and childhood histories poked, prodded and dissected time and time again before they even take part in their first OTA practice at the Steelers South Side facilities later this spring.

In fairness, you can't blame me or any other writer/journalist/reporter for this. It's not often the Steelers are able to sign two starting-capable free agents in a matter of days.

I know I'm certainly thankful, especially now that the 2017 season has effectively disappeared in the rear-view mirror, and we have another 20 or so rest stops to go before the 2018 campaign is in full view.

I think I wrote about a zillion free agent-relevant articles during and immediately after Pittsburgh's very brief period of activity, which was nice considering there aren't many topics to discuss this time of year—and those can often be taboo.

For example, I would like to write more pieces about that prolific running back who wants a lot of money and is holding the Steelers hostage by not signing that restrictive thingy I'm lot allowed to mention—although, when you're restricted from leaving, isn't that the exact opposite of holding someone hostage?

I digress.

Again, I have more thoughts on the subject, but I know if I were to share them in article form, eight of the first 10 comments on BTSC/Facebook would begin with "Do we really need another........" followed by at least one GIF of some actress with a cheap dye job in some movie from the 1940's singing "Who cares?" (or it could be "I don't care!"—I don't know GIFs) over and over again—who said BTSC's sense of history has diminished in recent years?

Anyway, I had a few beers with the great Neal Coolong at Bettis Grille 36 several years ago (great atmosphere, but a bit overpriced), and he said the local print media needed to get with the times and cover a story more than once, like we tend to do in the electronic media.

Made sense to me, since stories that are published today are often forgotten by tonight, but what does Neal Coolong know? He's just a BTSC legend and stuff.

There's another topic that I have always been fascinated with, which involves that thing those football players do on the sidelines before games.

As you know, I've written several articles about this topic, a topic people tell me they supposedly do not want to read about. (Instead of "Do we need another....." this subject usually draws a "Why must you......" or three, along with at least one "Shame on you!") However, when I do publish one of these pieces, it seems to spark long, drawn-out discussions and, quite frankly, I often find myself reading these comments with a perplexed look on my face similar to the one George Costanza had when he read O'Brien's speech in the back of the limo in that one episode of Seinfeld.

It's a good thing people don't want to read about that topic, because I might have felt compelled to write more articles in the near future.

But now I won't have to, at least not until the whole Burnett/Bostic-induced writing creativity wanes.

And then there is the mock draft, another subject that seems to rile up the masses and forces them to boycott BTSC in alarming numbers.

Haha, just kidding.

If there's one thing that never gets old to your average Steelers fan, it's the mock draft.

Seriously, every article on Behind The Steel Curtain's main page could be a mock draft, and nobody would care.

Every fan post could be someone's latest mock draft (I believe this is currently a reality), and the traffic would be huge.

We could have Mock Monday, Mock Tuesday, Mock Wednesday, and so on and so forth, and people would eat them all up.

Someone could publish a mock draft the day before the playoffs (this may have actually happened once or twice), and it would spark a never-ending discussion, cause readers to be banned from the site, etc. etc.

OK, I guess it's me who avoids mock drafts in the offseason (at least until April or so), which is another reason I'm just so thankful for the acquisitions of Bostic and Burnett.

Again, it's not often I am so giddy about the Steelers free agent activity, but here we are, in late-March, and I just have so much to write about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go see if Morgan Burnett is part of the flat-Earth movement.