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Omar Khan talks Steelers training camp, Kenny Pickett, more on Pat McAfee Show

The Steelers GM joined the program live from his dorm at St. Vincent Wednesday.

Director of Football & Business Operations Omar Khan of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on from the sideline before a preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field on August 24, 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Chiefs defeated the Steelers 26-20. Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

GM Omar Khan joined the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday to talk all things Pittsburgh Steelers ahead of the team’s Week 1 preseason game.

McAffe jumped right into the nitty gritty of Steelers training camp. “Are you staying at St. Vincent? You sleep up there? Dorm, cot, the whole thing?” he asked.

“Been here for a month. So I did the math the other day. Listen, 21 years here at Latrobe in a dorm room. That’s 21 months of my life basically I’ve spent in the dorms at St. Vincent College, and I have no degree progress to show for it,” Khan joked.

“Yeah, well, I tell you what. They should give you a damn doctorate for what you’re doing, pal. You’re making some real plays,” McAfee said on the “Khan Artist” in his first full offseason as the team’s GM.

“Everything has been really encouraging. I’ll mention it with Kenny [Pickett]. No one outworks Kenny Pickett, and he has such a desire to be great. And, you know, that has an effect on everyone in the locker room, everyone in the building, really,” Khan said.

It didn’t take McAffe long to join in on the Pickett hype from there. “When I see Kenny Pickett chugging beers with his offensive line, at like a Luke Coombs concert, that gets me fired up. That gets me, like, I’m pumped about that,” McAfee pointed out.

“I think there was a generation that happened, of quarterbacks, that either they were too stand-offish, or maybe too health conscious. You stopped seeing the interaction of being a teammate, being a human. So, whenever I see Kenny [Pickett] at these concerts, Kenny Chesney, Luke Coombs, and his whole entire offensive line is there, that means you guys got it behind the scenes it feels like. The chemistry of that team. Do you see that?”

Khan agreed, emphatically. “This locker room here, I told the guys in our first meeting with the players, that this is a really special locker room. I really feel good about it, and if we do what we’ve gotta do, I think special things are gonna happen. Comraderie’s there.”

There’s something really special happening in Pittsburgh, folks.

Watch Khan’s full interview on the Pat McAffe show over on YouTube.