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Steelers lose third practice squad player in 2014, Giants sign OG Adam Gettis

Technically, two have been signed directly off of the Steelers' practice squad, and one was waived and picked up by another team. Gettis is the latest, having been picked up by the post-season-less Giants.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When free-agent offensive guard Adam Gettis signed with the Steelers' practice squad, it didn't exactly measure with a resounding impact. But his recent signing from the Steelers' practice squad to the New York Giants may register a little more heavily.

Gettis was signed to the Giants' 53-man roster Tuesday, making him the third Steelers' practice squad player to be lifted by another team this year. Typically, this time of the season, teams out of the playoff race make such moves, looking to bolster a roster with young players as part of their off-season renovation plans.

That wasn't the case for rookie defensive end Josh Mauro, who signed with the Arizona Cardinals in November. Mauro played a good amount of snaps in the Cardinals' Week 12 and 13 games against the Seahawks and the Falcons, and got three snaps against the Chiefs in Week 14 but didn't play against Oakland in Week 15.

Rookie offensive tackle (and Steelers' fifth-round pick) Wesley Johnson was signed by the Jets earlier this season after the Steelers had released him prior to the Jets picking him up, but since he was on the Steelers' practice squad initially, he counts for the purposes of this article.

Gettis was a fifth-round pick of the Washington Redskins in 2012 after playing at the University of Iowa. Gettis was initially signed in October after the Steelers released wide receiver Derek Moye and placed fifth-round pick Shaquille Richardson on the practice squad injured-reserve list.