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Remember RB Josh Harris? He's still on the Steelers practice squad

After going undrafted, Steelers running back practice squad Josh Harris sounded off about his coaching staff, accusing them of spreading false accusations through NFL coaches and scouts. With a chance for activation in the wake of LeGarrette Blount's release, we look back on this story now.

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Originally run July 29, 2014

He didn't mince words, that's for sure.

Even after draft analyst saw ex-Wake Forest running back Josh Harris was a 4th to 6th round pick, Harris went undrafted in May, something clearly viewed by him as a surprise.

In a diatribe posted to Twitter not long after the draft ended, Harris said several teams had interest in him as a potential draft pick or an undrafted free agent, but none called him because his coaches told scouts and personnel Harris had a bad work ethic and wasn't a good teammate.

It doesn't speak much to abating the idea of being a good teammate that he took to Twitter to blast his former coaches, but at the same time, sometimes all a man needs is a reason.

Harris has reason and motive to make this team, and may even have the opportunity. The Steelers will have Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount on the roster, with rookie Dri Archer possibly getting a few carries here and there. It isn't impossible to think another young back could steal a late spot on the roster with an impressive camp.

Later, Harris would be contacted by Wake Forest offensive coordinator Steed Lobotzke, who told him via text he told NFL teams he vouched for his character. Lobotzke is now the offensive coordinator at Winston Salem State.

Perhaps it wasn't Lobotzke, but Harris claims again scouts told him he was "badmouthed" by Wake Forest coaches, likely being a reason he wasn't selected. Harris tried out with the Cowboys at their rookie minicamp, but an injury during that likely ended hopes of signing there.

If Harris wants to back up the strong words he posted after the draft, now's his chance.

p.s. This also rocks.

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