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Steelers add long snapper Brandon Hartson to offseason roster

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed recently released long snapper Brandon Hartson to their offseason roster.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Who said the Pittsburgh Steelers weren't going to make any more free agent moves this offseason?! After signing punter Jordan Berry, the team was back at their active ways by signing long snapper Brandon Hartson. Hartson was recently released from the Kansas City Chiefs and will likely be competition for veteran long snapper Greg Warren in training camp.

Whether Hartson will stick with the team is hardly worth talking about in any duration, but fans should remember how Warren injured his knee before the preseason began forcing the team to try and find a replacement.

Most fans will remember a game against the New York Giants at Heinz Field where James Harrison was called into long snapping duties and misfired a snap out of bounds for a safety. The team bringing in Hartson is a step of preventing such a situation from arising again.