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Matt Canada burner account rumors debunked

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada looks on during warm-ups before a game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on September 24, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Update: Conspiracy theory is debunked! Probably, at least.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette reporter Christopher Carter notes that emails within the Steelers organization start with last names (not first), while PFT’s Mike Florio notes that the Steelers email domain is “” rather than “”.

Hey, good to know Matt Canada apparently has a very passionate fan in his corner! He probably needs it (and a hug) after the mental lashing he’s taken over the past several weeks (and past couple of seasons, to be totally fair).

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are angry.

They’re angry that the offense looks dejected. They’re angry that Matt Canada is still coaching it. They’re angry that Mike Tomlin is watching it all happen with promises of changes that feel like they’re never coming.

Amidst that anger, there’s been no shortage of commentary on Canada, and now, in addition to that commentary, there are conspiracy theories.

Twitter (X, whatever) user @PickensBurgh, a fan account dedicated to discussing the Pittsburgh Steelers, shared a video of another user’s comments, speculating that it might be a Matt Canada burner account.

“Danny” first joined Twitter in August 2022, had 0 followers and followed 0 accounts, yet seemed dialed in enough to be commenting on a variety of Steelers media sources. Every single one of the 12 tweets since the account was founded was posted on Monday. Every single one of them defended Canada or deflected blame to others for the team’s failures.

A few quotes from his tweets, courtesy of his account @DannyFootball77:

Every offense in the NFL is “predictable”. It’s down to the players to overcome that. Coaches know Mahomes is going to Kelce, the Vikings are going to Jefferson, that doesn’t help stop them from getting the ball. The Steelers have a talent issue, not offensive coordinator.

Oh, so gaining 400 yards is more important thing winning now. Canada’s scheme helped the Steelers sustain long drives and control the clock last year. If you want to watch teams put up yards, check out the Minnesota Vikings, how’s that going for them.

#FireFitchner #FireHaley Steeler Nation found a new scapegoat. Wonder how long it’ll be until the next guy is on the hot seat.

Is Canada the one turning the ball over too?

Todd Haley, Randy Fitchner, now Matt Canada, who’s the common denominator here. It’s Mike Tomlin and Chris Boswell.

More interesting yet was a report from another user.

It’s worth a reminder that conspiracy theories are just that until proven otherwise. These aren’t investigative journalists sharing their findings, but it sure does make for an interesting discussion, doesn’t it?

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