Troy Polamalu drops Head & Shoulders, signs with Suave

Karl Walter

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu gets better with age. Or, at least the marketing division of Suave shampoo thinks so.

The company with more bottles of product on the shelves of Walgreens and Pamida covered in dust is looking to upgrade its current image as a low-cost alternative to quality to a high-priced, playmaking shampoo by signing Polamalu to a five-year endorsement deal.

The product line, dubbed "The Action Series," will have shampoo and conditioning products for men, women and some pets. It will be on sale with Suave's regular partners, Walgreens and Pamida, or any other fine retailer that has a pharmacy and sells As Seen On TV products.

The Action Series will join Magic Mesh and the Wax Vac on shelves and will go on sale immediately. And we can expect to see it often. The company will launch an advertising campaign featuring Polamalu that will run throughout the season, and will include multiple Super Bowl spots, according to the company's web site.

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Oh so beautify

This makes me angry!

When is this stuff going to end! Where is the commitment from the Rooneys!

clearly the Rooneys

don’t care about winning

And they're cheap.

Going with Suave over Head and Shoulders.

Not to Mention

They CLEARLY don’t care about players health—dandruff.

Another head related malady callously being ignored by ownership...


…damn Goodell to perdition for his repeated washing of his hands of this matter, while players’ future health is rinsed away.

That's How It Starts Pa.

Next thing they won’t even care about proper jock strap laundering.

Loving it and Troy rocks some Tai Chi.

Two in one day?

The Redman one worked much better.

Hmmm…I thought this one would be funnier. Guess I shoulda figured though, football fans even take their humor seriously.

Read my signature and see if I think this is funny!


I thought they were both pretty good. People are harsh here, hehe.

Ben announces retirement

Moving to Arizona to have someone coach him on his golf swing.

I heard that.

Haley was a golf coach. Maybe they are going to AZ together. Haley already owns property there.

"Haley already owns property there."

Ocean Front I believe.

Haley was a golf coach.

ooohhh….wish I had remembered that yesterday…coulda got a lot of miles out of that.

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