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BTSC with the Baltimore Sun on state of the Steelers

Baltimore Sun Ravens beat writer Matt Vensel asks BTSC's Neal Coolong about the current state of the Steelers.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Sun Ravens beat reporter Matt Vensel and I exchanged some emails heading into this weekend's Ravens/Steelers Week 7 game.

He discusses the Ravens opponent each week with a guest blogger, asking questions in regards to that team and what Ravens' fans can expect in the upcoming game.

It's an interesting series overall, my own contribution aside, and one more daily papers are doing, it seems, this season.

The notion "bloggers" are crude, offensive and generally too opinionated will likely never be defeated - there certainly are plenty of them who possess those characteristics - but many are not, and Vensel's series displays some solid opinion and insight from writers who follow the team as extensively as anyone.

It's self-serving to mention that, but top to bottom, I've enjoyed the Sun's coverage of the Ravens over the years (some pieces much more than others). It's good to see they're willing to expand as deeply as reasonably possible for their readers, and I hope I helped in at least a small way to that end.

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