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Click here for The Renegade 2014 Inside Feature Stories

A wide variety of topics are explored in the deepest and most researched portion of the Renegade. It includes contributions from Homer J., Tony Defeo and PaVaSteeler.

Bill Crowell

A feature story was once described to me as a person's story being told through the writer's fingers.

BTSC looks to accomplish two goals on a daily basis; to write timely and accurate news stories based on what's breaking around the team and the league, and to write unique and original feature stories based on our opinion and interpretation of that news.

The Renegade is a chance for us to spread our wings and touch on several areas of the team's past, present and future, and I'm thrilled with the results in this year's issue.

When coming up with the feature content for The Renegade, the hope was to get multiple pieces spanning a wide range of topics, both directly associated with the Steelers as well as the NFL.

The main topic regarding the Steelers as well as the NFL is the passing of legendary head coach Chuck Noll, and as far as I'm concerned, there's only one person to speak on that topic - Mr. Homer J.

Homer has interviews with Andy Russell and John Kolb as part of his masterpiece of written work, and summarizes the life and times of Coach Noll like no other source has. This is clearly and obviously the best piece of The Renegade.

Not to be outdone, Tony Defeo took on a difficult assignment - predicting the future for a player who hasn't set foot on a regular season NFL field. He explores the past and present of Steelers linebacker Sean Spence, leading BTSC to make the prediction he'll win the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year award.

PaVaSteeler took on the most complex story by far and away, and ended up creating a well-researched and balanced stance of the current state of the concussion lawsuit and surrounding issues in the NFL. He sheds light on the much-maligned efforts of the league in all of this in a way that may make you re-evaluate the situation.

Hombre De Acero adds a remarkably in-depth piece regarding Steelers defensive line coach Johnny Mitchell - in my opinion, the best position coach in the NFL, and a man worthy of consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame when it's all said and done. He's got quite the task ahead of him in 2014.

I contribute the toy aisle entries for The Renegade, the 2014 Jersey Rules as well as a personal narrative about the Steelers' missing out on the playoffs by a missed field goal. That in itself was a tough conclusion to what was otherwise the most exciting day of football Steelers fans have had in quite a while.

BTSC"s features and long form writing are available in our Hub. Click here to see all of our past features work.