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Click here for The Renegade Position Breakdowns

Digging into the details on 14 different position groups, including the coaches, BTSC's Dale Grdnic has his finger on the pulse of the team.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Behind The Steel Curtain has had the luxury of the frequent contribution of Dale Grdnic, a longtime Steelers beat reporter based in Pittsburgh. No one has enjoyed the benefits of his contributions more than I have, both as a writer and as an editor.

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu once said of Ravens S Ed Reed, "there are a lot of great safeties we watch, but we learn the most from watching Ed."

While I'm certainly not Troy Polamalu, Dale is still my Ed Reed.

He's accessible enough to offer answers to questions regarding the direction of the site and he's patient enough to deal with a hyper editor who often feels 500 word emails that provide far too much detail over a simple story request is the right path to take.

Dale banged out these 14 stories over the course of July, essentially carrying the bulk of the water needed to create The Renegade. The only failure we have in regards to Dale and his work is to not have marketed him fully. This is a mistake I do not intend to repeat this season.

Dale is a credentialed and heavily experienced Steelers beat reporter. When you see his name on an article, he's conducted interviews and he's been on location. He writes the game stories after Steelers' home games, and he's in the locker room getting quotes.

You won't find another Steelers' fan site employing a credentialed reporter, let alone one with the amount of experience Dale has.

His position previews are thorough, all inclusive and detailed. I think you're really going to come away from them with a strong understanding of where this roster is and what you'll be seeing come training camp.

Please follow Dale on Twitter, @DaleGrd we're hoping to get him in more interactive situations this year, including chats and live reports.