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Random thoughts from a die hard Steelers fan, and a black and gold brain

No one is giving the Pittsburgh Steelers a chance in the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs against the Denver Broncos. Take a trip inside a black and gold brain, but be warned - it could get ugly!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In the course of a game week, I try to jam as much Pittsburgh Steelers information and breaking news into my brain as humanly possible. Because of that influx of new information, the computer in my head (a very archaic Commodore 64) spits out many a random thought. Please indulge me as I share the arbitrary and sometimes bizarre musings that my communication center produces.

* Despite the adversity, the Steelers have the heart and courage to shock the world this week.

* It seems to me that the Broncos are preoccupied with getting revenge on Cody Wallace. That could work in the Steelers favor if Cody can keep his composure.

* The last two big games that the Steelers won (Denver and Cincinnati), my six-year-old daughter asked me to pull a wiggly tooth from her pierogie hole. Even though she doesn't currently have any teeth remotely loose enough to be pulled, how do I convince her and (to a greater extent) my wife, that she needs to be unselfish and let me yank a chicklet to ensure victory?

* Two days removed from the tenth anniversary of the 2006 Divisional Triumph over Peyton Manning and heavily-favored Indianapolis, is this really deja-vu? If so, is it wrong to hope that a Denver defensive back's wife got mad enough to stab him in the leg with a kitchen knife, slowing him down just a tad? Yes, it happened. Google Nick Harper and steak knife.

* Von Miller claims that he was stricken ill due to bad, movie-theatre mozzarella sticks during a screening this week of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Why did he wait so long to see the movie? But more pressing, what movie theatre serves mozzarella sticks? Gotta get me some, I'll risk the indigestion.

* It seems like we've set a record for dying celebrities on one week. With the passing of Dan Haggerty, I think former -Steeler Brett Keisel would be perfect to reprise the role that made Haggerty famous, Grizzly Adams.

* How long will Alan Faneca have to wait to get enshrined in Canton and would anybody even recognize him after his 100-plus pound weight loss? Google an image of Big Al. It's absolutely astounding.

* Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has made up tons of anti-Peyton Manning lyrics to the Nationwide jingle? "I hope Deebo rips your face off.  Buh buh buh buh, buh buh buhhhhhhhh".

* The last time that the Steelers won a playoff game in the rarified air of the Mile High city, Joey Porter made major headlines the week before too.

* The Steelers have a 2-3 postseason record in Denver and 3-4 record overall. Even Steven sounds good about now.

* The Broncos Malik Jackson was quoted as saying that Ben Roethlisberger looks like Obi-Wan-Kenobi. If that's the case, would Al Villanueva be Chewbacca, would Antonio Brown be Han Solo, would James Harrison be Darth Vader and would Dan Rooney be Yoda?

* I honestly can't tell you who will have a stronger arm today. Will it be Peyton or Ben?

* Something tells me that Sammie Coates will be a household name in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Thats what's rattling around in my melon. What's stirring around in yours?