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For the Steelers, other than a Super Bowl victory "Nothing else matters"

Our friends at put together a 2016 Playoff hype-up video like none other. Watch as the Steelers prepare for the Bengals in the AFC Wild Card round Saturday night.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the 2015 Playoffs, as unlikely as that proposition was a week ago, and they are now preparing for the AFC Wild Card game against AFC North division rival Cincinnati Bengals. When it comes to the Steelers and their rich history, playoff appearances are nice, but the fan base doesn't thrive on just making the postseason.

No, in Steelers Nation it is Super Bowl or bust every time a new season begins, and the 2015 battle tested men in black and gold are held to the same standard as those before them.

Huge thanks to our friends at Benstonium, who put together the finest compilations and hysterical videos surrounding Pittsburgh sports, for sharing the latest 2016 Steelers hype video title "Nothing else matters". If you haven't connected the dots yet, the video is set to the song by Metallica.

Watch the video and I dare you to try and fight the urge to go find a Bengals fan and do your best James Harrison meets Cleveland Browns fan move...