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The state of Behind the Steel Curtain address

As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to start their season, it is time to address the loyal readers of Behind the Steel Curtain. Plans on what to expect this season, features, ideas and much more as the 2015 season is upon us.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cameras are rolling, media is waiting and players are arriving at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. The signs of a new season for the Pittsburgh Steelers and their global fan base which has been waiting for this moment since the disastrous loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2014 AFC Wild Card playoffs.

A new season brings new hope, and with Behind the Steel Curtain the new season brings new leadership. Former editor Neal Coolong has left us for USA Today, and now DK on Pittsburgh Sports, and with the vacancy enters the era of Jeff Hartman. When saying that it reminds me of the Seinfeld "Summer of George" episode, but I digress. It is at this point I want to address the loyal readers of this site in regards to what you can expect from BTSC this upcoming season. Some things won't change, and there will be some new features to look forward to at the same time.

What will never change with BTSC is the amount of content and coverage which you've grown accustomed. Whether the major media outlets are writing or not, take solace in knowing we are. The team here at BTSC might have some new names, but the product doesn't change. You will get breaking news, along with more in-depth pieces breaking down plays, statistics and even trends with the 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Outside of the Steelers and the usual articles, the website is looking to expand on many different levels. Fantasy Football is becoming a driving force in the NFL, and not just in popularity, but also how the game is policed. Therefore, we will be looking to expand on our Fantasy Football articles. Some don't like Fantasy Football, while others can't get enough. We won't overload you with Fantasy articles, but enough to give information and start discussion on a critical aspect of the NFL and its followers.

On top of Fantasy Football, we will be expanding our podcasts for the upcoming season. As always, myself and Lance Williams will host 'The Standard is the Standard' on a weekly basis as a preview show for the upcoming Steelers game. Other than the flagship podcast, Chris Carter and Dani Bostick will be starting a new show with a new name which will talk about everything under the sun as it relates to the NFL. Mrs. Bostick will also be continuing her 'Black and Gold Backstage' where she interviews current and former players to get insight as to what it is like actually being a part of life in the NFL and a member of the Steelers. We will again be hosting the 'Steelers Final Score' after every regular season game which is a call-in show for fans to get opinions off their chest, ask questions or simply rant over Todd Haley for a few minutes. There is a possibility of another show being added to the platform as well, but when that news breaks you will certainly know about it.

All of our podcasts can be accessed on our iTunes feed by searching 'The Standard is the Standard' in your iTunes store. Shows can also be heard on BTSC and on our BlogTalkRadio page. I personally love sports talk radio, but hate having to wait 20 minutes to hear 3 minutes of talk about the Steelers. On these shows you get nothing but Steelers talk for at least 30 minutes. Give them a listen, you won't regret it.

If you follow the site and our podcasts you know the name Bryan DeArdo. Bryan has been a great writer for BTSC who started last year and is the local historian in terms of the history of the Steelers. However, this industry breeds change, and Bryan has taken a new position with another website as he looks to advance in the business. We wish him the best in his future endeavors and thank him for his work over the past year or so.

BTSC is also looking to expand in a new platform which hasn't been done here in recent years. Video. Neal Coolong did video breakdowns, which were great, but we are in talks with several companies giving us the potential to have us do multiple things with this new platform which is gaining momentum in the business. Broadcasting live games (Yes, turn off Phil Simms and listen to BTSC!), video podcasts and game-day reports are all possibilities which will continue to make the site more diverse and broaden the scope which BTSC encompasses.

Lastly, BTSC is about to get in on some new merchandise. Yes...some quality swag. We are looking to release at least 3 new t-shirt designs which will surely be great gifts for any fan. I don't want to spoil the surprise with the design, but these designs make previous ones look pretty lame and silly. If you like those, you'll love these!

So, as you can see, things have been busy here at BTSC headquarters. The season is upon us and it is time to buckle down and enjoy the ride. Will the Steelers win No. 7 in 2015? They have as good a chance as anyone, but one thing is, lose or draw BTSC will be there regardless.

I thank you all in advance for reading, listening and watching as I embark on my first season as captain of this vessel. Don't wish me luck, wish the Steelers luck as the 'Stairway to Seven' is right in front of us!

Here We Go Steelers!