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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of the Steelers vs. Cardinals Week 6 game

The 3-2 Pittsburgh Steelers welcome the 4-1 Arizona Cardinals to Heinz Field Sunday. While most think this pick is a slam dunk, picking this game might be more difficult than some believe.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With Week 6 of NFL action only hours away, predicting the winners of games can be a difficult task. However, as the experts continue to enter their predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals game, it is extremely lop-sided as to who people are selecting to win this game.

Almost everyone doesn't feel the Steelers, with Michael Vick under center, stand a chance against the Cardinals' high powered offense. It will be difficult for the Steelers to match Carson Palmer and company if they are unable to pressure the former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback. However, some times the best defense is a good running offense, and the Steelers have just that.

Expect another week with a heavy dose of Le'Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams as the Steelers look to keep Vick away from making key mistakes against a very opportunistic defense who already has double-digit interceptions. Nonetheless, if the Steelers expect to win this game they will have to throw the football, and getting Martavis Bryant back in the fold might be just what the doctor ordered.

Bryant's ability to take the top off the defense, as well as draw some double coverage away from Antonio Brown bodes well for Brown and players like Markus Wheaton and Heath Miller to exploit the middle of the field. The rub in this situation is whether Vick will be accurate enough to make those throws.

The Cardinals are scoring points at a remarkable clip, and are already +100 in point differential. To be that high on the positive side of the differential after just 5 weeks is astounding. Needless to say, this will be a tough game for the Steelers, even at Heinz Field.

We want to know your prediction for the game. Simply enter your score in the tool below. All scores will be calculated, tabulated and counted to see which fan base is closest to the actual score. Time for BTSC to prove they are the smarter fan base!

As for the BTSC prediction, this game will be a tough one for the Steelers. If Ben Roethlisberger were playing the outcome could be very different, but with Vick at quarterback you have to wonder if he has what it takes to get the job done for 4 quarters, and not just a 5 minute span, as he did against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football.

Ultimately, the Steelers lose this game, but play well and the score is a lot closer than most predict.

Jeff Hartman's Prediction (BTSC Editor):
Steelers: 20
Cardinals: 28