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Fantasy Football: Which Steelers to start and sit vs. the Cardinals

The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Arizona Cardinals Sunday in Week 6 action. See who you should start and sit from the black and gold to make sure you win your weekly Fantasy Football game.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images
With Week 6 of the fantasy season already underway, your team should have it's identity established by now. But with the dreaded bye sitting down four teams a weekend, you need to stay on top of things and get crafty at times. Most fans like to have their favorite team represented on their fantasy squads. If you've peppered in some Steelers on your team, consider these start and sit options.

Keep in mind that fantasy numbers were averaged using stats from ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy and Fantasy.

QB Michael Vick
Week 5 Passing Stats: 13/26 203 yards 1 TD/1 INT

2015 Passing Stats: 37/58 365 yards 2 TD/1 INT

Week 5 Rushing Stats: 1 carry/24 yards

2015 Rushing Stats: 15 carries/52 yards 3 TD

Average Position Rank: 36

2015 Average Total Points: 25.93
2015 Average Points Per Game: 8.64
Week 5 Average Points: 12.81
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 13.40

Verdict: Maybe Start

Analysis: I'm torn here. Although Vick came alive at the end of the San Diego game, there are much better options at the quarterback position, but Vick is starting to get more comfortable in the starting role and has the potential to go-off and score in double digits. Against the NFL's 9th-ranked defense, the odds are less in Vick's favor, but my gut feeling tells me to start him if you have marginal talent at the position.

RB Le'Veon Bell
Week 5 Rushing Stats: 21 carries/111 yards  1 TD

2015 Rushing Stats: 62 carries/302 yards 3 TD

Week 5 Receiving Stats: 5 targets/4 receptions/16 yards

2015 Receiving Stats: 18 receptions/107 yards

Average Position Rank: 9

2015 Average Total Points: 60.70
2015 Average Points Per Game: 20.23
Week 5 Average Points: 21.80
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 19.84

Verdict: Start

Analysis: It doesn't matter that the Cardinals rank 11th in the league against the rush in allowing an average of 97 ypg, Le'Veon Bell is quickly becoming the dominant running back of 2015 in the NFL. With 101 ypg rushing in only three games, Bell has taken charge of the Steeler offense in Ben Roethlisberger's absence. A threat to run and catch the ball, Bell is going to get plenty of opportunities. He's a must start.

RB Deangelo Williams

Week 5 Rushing Stats: 5 carries/20 yards

2015 Rushing Stats: 49 carries/231 yards 3 TD

Week 5 Receiving Stats: None

2015 Receiving Stats: 5 receptions/20 yards

Average Position Rank: 24

2015 Average Total Points: 43.60
2015 Average Points Per Game: 8.72
Week 5 Average Points: 2.00
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 2.44

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: If you get fantasy points for being the nicest guy in the league, Williams would be leading the league. But behind one of the league's finest (Bell),Williams isn't getting first-team carries. The Steelers are still going to try to get the ball in DWill's hands, but unless you're in a large league or you're singing the 'Bye Week Blues", Williams isn't going to get you starter's points.

WR Antonio Brown
Week 5 Receiving Stats: 6 targets/3 receptions/45 yards

2015 Receiving Stats: 37 receptions/523 yards 2 TD

Average Position Rank: 4

2015 Average Total Points: 70.00
2015 Average Points Per Game:14.00
Week 5 Average Points: 4.80
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 15.22

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Brown has been lobbying for the ball from his QB, but the prospect of AB getting more love from Vick is still up in the air. Bryant's return will steal targets from Brown, but it will also demand attention and render it tougher to double team the league's third-leading receiver. With Vick at QB, Brown is not a WR1 and it has been frustrating for Antonio and his fantasy owners. However, there is still room for him as a WR2 or a flex option. Don't sit him.

WR Martavis Bryant
Week 5 Receiving Stats: None

2015 Receiving Stats: None

Average Position Rank: 156

2015 Average Total Points: 0
2015 Average Points Per Game: 0
Week 5 Average Points: 0
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 6.81

Verdict: Start

Analysis: The experts aren't predicting a lot of points for Bryant's season-debut, but the Vick-to-Bryant show in the preseason was spectacular. With defenses needing to not let-up on Brown, Bryant is always a deep threat that will feast on single coverage. He's worth the risk.

WR Markus Wheaton
Week 5 Receiving Stats: 3 targets/1 reception/72 yards 1 TD

2015 Receiving Stats: 9 receptions/228 yards 1 TD

Average Position Rank: 48

2015 Average Total Points: 31.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.34
Week 5 Average Points: 13.87
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 3.44

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Wheaton's lone completion of 72 yards was spectacular last week, but that was all of his points. #11 could benefit from Bryant being in action, but I would wait for Roethlisberger to return. Vick doesn't have the distribution potential that Ben does.

WR Darius Heyward-Bey
Week 5 Receiving Stats: 6 targets/2 receptions/24 yards

2015 Receiving Stats: 17 receptions/209 yards/2 TD

Average Position Rank: 43

2015 Average Total Points: 34.6
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.92
Week 5 Average Points:
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 5.71

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: This most likely is the receiver that will suffer the most with the end of Martavis Bryant's absence from the lineup. DHB has been clutch for the Steelers, but will compete with Markus Wheaton to be the third option at the wide receiver position. Unless you are heavily affected by the bye week, Heyward-Bey shouldn't get the call to start.

TE Heath Miller
Week 5 Receiving Stats: 3 targets/3 receptions/46 yards

2015 Receiving Stats: 16 receptions/163 yards/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 18

2015 Average Total Points: 34.6
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.92
Week 5 Average Points: 3.27
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 2.97

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Miller's production is solid for Pittsburgh, case-in-point his clutch catch to set-up the game-winner in San Diego. However in Fantasyland, you probably have a better point option at TE. Heath is a good backup to have for depth's sake. But he's a fantasy hit-or-miss and is more risk than reliable.

K Chris Boswell
Week 5 Kicking Stats: 1/1 Field Goals 3/3 Extra Points

Average Position Rank: 43

2015 Average Total Points: 7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 7
Week 5 Average Points: 7
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 6

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Not enough is known about the Steeler's fourth-option at kicker in 2015. Boswell's strong leg was evident in his debut with the 47-yarder, but more is needed to be seen before he becomes a fantasy starter.

Pittsburgh D/ST
Total Points-Per-Game/Rank: 19.0/9th

2015 Average Total Points: 45
2015 Average Points Per Game: 9.00
Week 5 Average Points: 13.00
Week 6 Average Projected Points: 9.00

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: I admit that I was wrong when I stated that the Steelers should never be a fantasy option for D/ST in 2015. The surprising reemergence of the "D" has earned them an average ranking of #10 in fantasy football. They should be considered as a fine option to start most weeks, but not this week.

Arizona is #1 in points-per-game at 38.00. They can score in more ways and more often than Seabiscuit on the stud farm. Keep them on the bench another week.